You might remember my build thread about my 1965 impala SS here, where I talked about getting everything setup how I like it. Well, things change. For me, quicker than others.

I decided to take the plunge into modern engines, and swap an L92 (basically LS3) from a 2007 Denali and 4L80E transmission into my car. It is an aluminum block 6.2L (376) engine with really great, high flowing stock heads. The plan will be to put it in completely stock,retain the drive by wire throttle, get it going and go from there.

Welcome to Project LS Swap 65 Impala SS

Things on the list to get:

Holley Oil Pan

New Wiring Harness

Long Tube Headers

Tranny to LS flywheel conversion 

New Fuel Tank and lines for EFI (58 PSI)

Electric Cooling Fans

New Gauges for LS engine

Along with the obvious things needed to do an LS swap, there are quite a few other changes that need to happen to a car to complete this conversion. Things like cooling system, the fuel system, and certainly the engine wiring need to change to make a modern powerplant live happily in one of these older cars. These conversions are becoming much more common, especially with F-body and A-Body cars. I'll document my swap, and show you what it takes to put an LS engine in a B-Body.

Here she is on day 1! Nice and dirty!


First things first! Starting to get the L92 cleaned up! I washed it off and put a quick coat of paint on the valve covers, coil packs and front accessories.

L92 Painted Coil Packs


I also put a Holley oil pan on it, which is necessary for clearing the front crossmember while retaining some ground clearance overall. Huge difference!

Holley 302-1 Oil Pan

Now, time to get some little things taken care of before its time to put it in! Also ditched the tall truck oil filler for this shorter LS3 version.

L92 intake


Looking better already!


L92 Conversion

Should be a fun ride!