There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade the dash and gauges in your classic or muscle car. For me, after upgrading my engine to an LS variety, there was no easy way to get the now electronic signals sent to my original mechanical gauges. I had already upgraded my stereo, documented here, so it made sense to upgrade my gauges as well. After testing gauges with a digital readout, I wasn't impressed.

I wanted to find something that looked classic, but had modern precision and accuracy. I soon found out about the VHX line of gauges made by Dakota Digital, and instantly fell in love. This series of gauges is exactly what I wanted, with an analog look, but ready to hook up and report on the vitals of my custom engine application.

There are a ton of features packed into these units, and best of all, they are completely made here in the US, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I opted for the black version, with blue back lighting, but there are many options available, made specifically for many applications.

I'll update with install info once it arrives!DD2066B prd_860

prd_ssh_2022_1589 prd_ssh_2022_1590 prd_ssh_2022_1592