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Who knew Tim Allen wasn't pretending to be a car guy all along. Turns out - he really knows his cars. And he built (along with Bodie Stroud, the guy who build the Mustang 494) on of the baddest '68 Camaros around. This COPO Camaro, similar to the one we profiled recently, is putting out over 500 hp and looks excellently understated with Rally wheels and dark green paint. Check out the video of Jay Leno and Tim talking about the Camaro and taking it for a spin!


This car is a particularly tasteful build. I love pro-touring cars as much as the next guy but I really cherish a car that has the original look intact; especially when it looks fairly unassuming in the dark green. Given, the 427 badging is a dead giveaway that you probably wouldn't want to try and race against this car on the streets or the strip. But - everything about this car I love.