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You like powerful muscle cars, do you? Here's a custom 1969 Boss Mustang with a 777 hp all aluminum 494 engine (originally built for Mario Andretti to race in the Can AM series). You have got to see this thing!

Bodie Stroud was the builder who expertly designed and built this thing (the Real Thing), including the fabrication of the custom frame with the (normally unibody) 1969 Boss Mustang body. That big beefy 494 engine is the real deal, too. Andretti drove a M6B Mclaren named "429er" back in the day with an engine just like this one. Apparently there were either 10 or 12 of these engine originally made (there has been debate about the actual number). Either way - it's great to see this legendary engine make it back into one of the baddest muscle cars on the planet. HotRod has a nice write up of this build too.
Do you think this car could compete with the new high performance Mustangs of today?