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When you buy a classic car, you rarely purchase it as a daily driver. You might take it to the occasional car show or out for a weekend drive, but it might otherwise sit covered in your garage, where it can remain in excellent condition. 

However, some people purchase classic cars with the desire to use them as much as possible – including for camping. With so many people now purchasing rooftop tents, you might be curious about whether you could use a rooftop tent with a classic car. Keep the following information in mind when you start exploring your tent options. 

Your Car’s Weight Limit

When purchasing rooftop tents from any leading name, like iKamper, it’s vital to consider your car’s weight limit. Dynamic weight and static weight can factor into whether you could use your classic vehicle for camping. 

Dynamic weight refers to the weight you can have on top of a car while it’s in motion, which can alter the forces affecting your vehicle from all sides while it’s moving. Typically, you’ll find this information in your car’s manual. 

If you have a really old car, such as a 1967 Shelby 427, there’s a chance you might no longer have the manual. Fortunately, other car lovers might. Check the internet, and you might find a manual for sale or viewing online to find the information you need. 

It’s also important to consider your vehicle’s static weight, referring to how much weight it can carry while it’s sitting still. This information should also be available in any vehicle manual. 

The Tent Weight

Once you know your car’s static and dynamic weight, you now have to determine whether the rooftop tents for sale will fit within its suitable and safe limits. The combined weight of your tent and roof bars must be less than the dynamic weight limit of your classic car

Your Classic Car

Consider your classic car’s make and model before purchasing a rooftop tent to install on top of it. Its rarity, value, condition, and age might all factor into whether you decide to customize your car in any way. 

It’s also important to consider the roof racks that will need to be installed on your vehicle. Most older cars won’t have convenient attachment points, and there’s potential for roof damage should you install a roof rack on an old car that typically wasn’t designed to hold one. 

Camping Locations

There’s more to think about than just the tent you plan to buy. You also have to think about where you intend to camp and if your car is capable of making it to that location without damage. While a modern-day four-wheel-drive vehicle could tackle the average bush track with ease, a 1965 Impala would possibly be less likely to make the journey unscathed. 

Classic vehicles cherished by their owners are typically kept out of environments that cause them damage, such as beaches and dusty gravel roads. Consider whether your preferred camping spot is truly ideal for your pride and joy. 

While many vehicles are suitable for rooftop tents, not all will be. Before purchasing a new tent for your classic car, review these points above. You might decide to stick with a traditional tent or use a different vehicle with a rooftop tent on your next camping adventure.