Build Thread: Project Rascal Post #2

Last week, I made it up to Cusick, WA where the truck is currently parked at my Dad’s house. After a good looking over, I was pleased that the truck is in even better condition that I originally expected (here’s Post #1). We spent a little bit of time going through the extra parts and sweeping out the debris that was in the bed.

1953 Chevy 3100 Pickup - Project Rascal
Nick and I have been tracking down and buying the necessary parts for the truck and for the LS conversion, and I decided to put together a spreadsheet to show items and costs, which may be helpful for others who want to do a LS swap.



Still Need
Air intake


Estimated Cost


Nick has been cleaning up the 6.0 L96 engine with fresh paint and getting it ready with new gaskets.

L96 - LS Swap Chevy 3100

6.0 L96 LS Swap

The engine came with a nice LS3 intake, which already looks great.

6.0 L96 LS Chevy truckNew gaskets, new oil pan, and more high-temp silver paint.

L96 Swap

LS L96 6.0 with Holly Oil Pan

L96 Swap Project Rascal

Project Rascal LS

L96 with coil packs installed

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