Which of these 5 cars is the best muscle car?

Ask a couple people what their favorite muscle car is, and you’re likely to get a couple different answers. Some prefer straight-line raw power, while others prefer a muscular design. Here are 5 cars that we think are worthy of being on a list. Give them a quick look over, then comment at the bottom with your favorite of these five.

1969 Boss Mustang 429

1969 Boss 429


1970 Pontiac GTO

1970 GTO


1969 Dodge Charger

1969 Charger


1969 Chevy Camaro Z28

1969 z28 Camaro


1967 Chevy Chevelle

1967 Chevelle

So, which of these cars is the best muscle car of the lot? Did we forget to include the actual best one on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  • Philip Cowart 6 years ago

    I’ve owned a ’70 GTO Judge. Great car. Also I have had a ’68 Camaro and a ’70 Chevelle big block, both great cars. I think I’ll have to go with the 69 Boss for style and sheer power. By the way, my favorites are the ’68, ’69 and ’70 Hurst Olds and 442, sw-30 and 31.

  • rob blanchard 6 years ago

    Mopar or no car super bird;daytona,or super bee, 68 gts dart. Demon. Aar cuda. The list goes on

  • Kerry Baugh 6 years ago

    429 my grandfather had a cobra jet in his 70 model f100 pickup and I never seen one car or truck that could take it on a long or short road ( I wish I had that old truck ) and I love my fords Mustang has to be my pick here. But the Pantera was sick and I have always wanted one

  • michelle Logsdon 6 years ago

    Why don’t they post any novas? Especially 1972

  • Aaron Ripperger 6 years ago

    The GTO is the first and best muscle car. Camaro ,Chevelle and charger are good but the Mustang is a pos. Fords suck and always will. The Mustang is made for girls or girly guy’s

  • Tommy 7 years ago

    1969 Charger is great, it appear in Fast and Furious 🙂
    I think you should create a vote system for this. It is great!

  • joe 7 years ago

    This is my dream Mustang!

  • Andrew 7 years ago

    The carmaro if it had hide way headlights

  • Reece Robinson 7 years ago

    1969 BOSS 429 Mustang

  • Tim Ladesh 7 years ago

    silly im the only one that got it but not fair ether because im not stuck on any make

  • Tim Ladesh 7 years ago

    easy trick question their all the badest and best…………………..

  • Trevor 7 years ago

    the Mustang makes the best Muscle car. say the word Mustang, it sounds Masculine. You say Camaro, challenger or charger.. they don’t as much. I am not saying this because I am bias.. I am saying it because it is true. Now I’ll probably get people commenting with bias statements but it was worth it.

  • Kirk 7 years ago

    The Boss 429 was a great looking car, but you had to do some work on them to get them to run great. I own a 1970 Boss 302 and bought it in 1971 from my brother, and it turns 10.08 in “B” Stock Class, so if you want a Boss to run, get rid of the Fomoco parts and buy TRW or name brand that can take high rpm’s and heat. That is what I did to my car and it still runs consistently after 43 years. The moral is: When you buy a new car, you either get a LEMON, or you get a great-running car. I was lucky to get the 2nd option. My wife says I love The Boss more than I do her!
    I simply continued where Ian left off, only saying that with the right parts, the Boss 429 is a good motor. But not as good as the high-revving Boss 302!

  • Cassandra Heddy 7 years ago

    The Charger….if it was like mine 😉

  • Joseph Drew 7 years ago

    The Boss is King.

  • Mark Mcgill 7 years ago

    I love the 69 camaro z28. I has always been my favorite. But i think the charger has more potential for the most horsepower

  • Dave Gardner 7 years ago

    The Boss 429 Mustang, Big Daddy lost control of one on the strip, in 69.

  • Russell Henderson 7 years ago

    The BOSS 429 obviously…

  • Francis Steele 7 years ago

    I like GTO’S , then the Boss 429 then the Charger then the Camaro etc.

  • Meistermon 7 years ago

    Silver ’67 GTO (not pictured)

  • Ron Taylor 7 years ago

    i had a 440magnum 0 to 70 4.5 sec so the charger is the fastest for me

  • Ron Taylor 7 years ago

    the 1969 charger

  • Scott Thackerson 7 years ago

    Boss 429

  • Jonathan Knowles 7 years ago

    I’d take any one of them,but if I had to pick one I’d have to pick the Mustang.

  • Lucille Marable-Clayton 7 years ago

    The Mustang Boss will always be my favorite. The remainder are tied for 2nd place.

  • Chris Smith 7 years ago

    The 1969 Camaro….Z28 for the track…ZL1 for the strip.

  • george clarke 7 years ago

    the best Muscle car wasn’t pictured it would be the 69 Chevelle SS .

  • Ian Norburg 7 years ago

    The Boss 429 Mustang is a prime example of a blown opportunity. The initial run had a relatively mild cam with hydraulic lifters and NASCAR style connecting rods that really kept it from being a drag strip contender. These were rectified half way through the the year, but there was one thing that wasn’t corrected and that was the hoodscoop. As good as that scoop looked it was pretty inefficient and didn’t get enough air to the carb. Unfortunately NASCAR Super Stock rules wouldn’t allow for modifications to the scoop. Now had they put a 427 side oiler in that puppy with a better scoop it would be a different story.

  • Jay Sperry 7 years ago

    Mustang all day long.

  • Dean Siehr 7 years ago

    Boss wins, hands down!

  • Don Loughridge 7 years ago

    If you’re running at 7000 rpm for hours at a time, then the Boss 429 is the ticket. If you’re flying through the twisties and/or trying to pick up the babes, then the ’69 Z/28 (looks exactly like mine) is the way to go. Goat is nice, but weighs a lot (if it was made in Canada then it has a Chevrolet 427 or 454 under the hood). Charger could have a 225 Slant Six or a 318 under the hood, Muscle Car? Puleeze!

  • Jim Marshall 7 years ago

    I have a tie. One is not on the list but I’ll list it anyhow. The 69 Boss 429 and a 70 Olds 442 W30.

  • Mark Slack 7 years ago

    69 Charger

  • Chris 7 years ago

    Dodge Charger

  • Kim Lee 7 years ago

    Nothin handles like a ‘Stang!!!

  • Scott Fisher 7 years ago


  • Timothy Mills 7 years ago

    Don’t see mine there,1970 Monte Carlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Reynolds 7 years ago

    69 camaro………………………..

  • NativeNE 7 years ago

    ’68 is my favorite, but you are missing the ’70 Dodge Challenger, which is what we have in the garage. And, it is a convertible.

  • Fast Freddy Suess 7 years ago

    The 429 Boss is the BOSS!!!

  • Scott Cox 7 years ago

    The Boss is mine!

  • Chi Edwards 7 years ago

    My husband would say the Charger! But me I Love the GTO!!!!! <3

  • Dean Cook 7 years ago

    Out of these? Well, the deck is kind of stacked in favor of the ’69 BOSS 429. But, put a Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda or SuperBird into this mix and I think you would find your outcome would be far different…

  • randy 7 years ago

    big engine or not mustangs are slow. allways have been even with twice the money. bet the camero would smoke it, chevelle needed to be done differently but is my choice!

  • Ralph Anderson 7 years ago


  • David Southerland 7 years ago

    1969 BOSS 429! But if there was a 1971 HEMI Cuda’ up there,I’d have to go with that first!

  • chris 7 years ago

    ’67 Chevelle,
    but where the 442’s?

  • Carolyn McWhorter Evans 7 years ago

    ’69 Mustang Boss 429 is my favorite!

  • Glenn Johnson 7 years ago

    actually that’s also true – crap body. Great engine MOPAR

  • Don Lennox 8 years ago

    70 SS LS6

  • Andrew Hissong 8 years ago

    1970 Buick 455 GS is missing

  • Darrell Morgan 8 years ago


  • Bob Rought 8 years ago

    429 mustang

  • Jeff Rogers 8 years ago

    They’re all sweet, I favor the GTO ( then the ‘stang ) !

  • Danny Grier 8 years ago

    love my chevells but that 429 stang is sweet.has the best lines.

  • Gerald Jones 8 years ago

    the charger they were called Mighty Mopars for a good reson.

  • Carlos A. Marquez 8 years ago

    They’re all awesome but, I love the Camaro the most.

  • Mike Beasley 8 years ago

    69 mustang solid power.

  • Darrell Nuber 8 years ago

    69 Charger! Just like ours with a 440 HP Super Commando!

  • Mike Bixby 8 years ago

    Camaro & Mustang. impala and goat are too big and heavy. the dodge is a no handling rust bucket with a great engine.

  • Michael Alan Phillips 8 years ago


  • Mike Vail 8 years ago

    the gto

  • Mitchell Waylett 8 years ago

    The Boss.. It was a unique car. None of the other iron in those days had as much engine technology as it did.

  • John Curtis Mouser 8 years ago


  • Eric Vance 8 years ago

    ’69 Boss 429!

  • Ellen Landry 8 years ago


  • Charles O. Green 8 years ago

    Definitely the Boss 429!

  • Eddie Carol Reeder 8 years ago

    Boss 429

  • Christopher J. Grandy 8 years ago

    Boss 429 hands down!

  • Austin Penn 8 years ago

    I cant pick I love them all.

  • Jackie Case Wagner 8 years ago

    Left off the 70 Challenger!

  • Patty Betlach Russell 8 years ago


  • Vicki Engelhard-Cook 8 years ago


  • Debbie Wilkie 8 years ago


  • Dwayne Michaels 8 years ago


  • Marlon Smith 8 years ago

    The Goat

  • Barrie Hawk Jr. 8 years ago

    Charger all the way.

  • Gary Anderson 8 years ago


  • Glenn Johnson 8 years ago