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Evan and I have been into classic cars for quite some time. Not only are we twin brothers, but we enjoy disagreeing with each other any chance we get. It would stand to reason, then, that he would be a Ford guy, while I got the Chevy genes. We both got classic cars when we were 16 and have held onto themn for all these years, making only minor changes as our schedule and financial situation would allow. As we are now getting further out of college, we are now able to put a little more time and effort into our classics.


The story gets a little fuzzy, as to when we actually committed to it, but we both deeply involved in a trash talking session about each other's cars when we decided that we needed to settle this with a race. Mind you, neither of our cars would be considered "fast" by todays standards, and I am confident that if we both only owned radio flyers wagons, we would have still made this bet. Who's car is faster in the 1/4 mile? Evan has a 67' mustnag, and I have a 65 ' impala SS. Historically, Evan could blow the tires off my land yacht. His confidence is also stemmed from the fact that he recently rebuilt literally everything in his 289 engine, including a custom ground cam, (duration and lift unknown at this time), heads completely gone through, as well as a full rebuild on his c4 transmission (auto 3 speed). My main point of contention now is that I swapped out my powerglide transmission for a more modern 200-4r overdrive transmission (going from 2 gears to 4 gears), as well as swapped out the highway friendly 3.07 gears for a set of 3.73 gears in my 12 bolt. My powerplant is my correct 327, withthe correct camel hump 461 heads, a comp cam's camshaft, headers, edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 4 barrel carb, HEI, and new accessorics including dual electric fans on my aluminum radiator.

Evan believes that his 2800lb +/- car will blow by my 3600lb +/- car with his 2 barrel carb and 2.73 rear gears. I think that my new gearing will make up the weight difference, and my more potent mill will start pulling away halfway down the track.

The only way to settle this it to race, which is exactaly what we're going to do! We will figure out who has the quicker car. The winner not only gets ther $500 bet we each have riding on it, but bragging rights for eternity (or until one of us does something else to our car!)


Not to worry, we will video the entire race and do pre-race interviews with us both. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you care to predict the outcome. This will be the ultimate grudge match, and a race worth watching! Stay tuned!

1967 Mustang