Ultimate Grudge Match: Twin Brothers Race Their 67 Mustang VS ’65 Impala SS for Ultimate Bragging Rights!

Evan and I have been into classic cars for quite some time. Not only are we twin brothers, but we enjoy disagreeing with each other any chance we get. It would stand to reason, then, that he would be a Ford guy, while I got the Chevy genes. We both got classic cars when we were 16 and have held onto themn for all these years, making only minor changes as our schedule and financial situation would allow. As we are now getting further out of college, we are now able to put a little more time and effort into our classics.


The story gets a little fuzzy, as to when we actually committed to it, but we both deeply involved in a trash talking session about each other’s cars when we decided that we needed to settle this with a race. Mind you, neither of our cars would be considered “fast” by todays standards, and I am confident that if we both only owned radio flyers wagons, we would have still made this bet. Who’s car is faster in the 1/4 mile? Evan has a 67′ mustnag, and I have a 65 ‘ impala SS. Historically, Evan could blow the tires off my land yacht. His confidence is also stemmed from the fact that he recently rebuilt literally everything in his 289 engine, including a custom ground cam, (duration and lift unknown at this time), heads completely gone through, as well as a full rebuild on his c4 transmission (auto 3 speed). My main point of contention now is that I swapped out my powerglide transmission for a more modern 200-4r overdrive transmission (going from 2 gears to 4 gears), as well as swapped out the highway friendly 3.07 gears for a set of 3.73 gears in my 12 bolt. My powerplant is my correct 327, withthe correct camel hump 461 heads, a comp cam’s camshaft, headers, edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 4 barrel carb, HEI, and new accessorics including dual electric fans on my aluminum radiator.

Evan believes that his 2800lb +/- car will blow by my 3600lb +/- car with his 2 barrel carb and 2.73 rear gears. I think that my new gearing will make up the weight difference, and my more potent mill will start pulling away halfway down the track.

The only way to settle this it to race, which is exactaly what we’re going to do! We will figure out who has the quicker car. The winner not only gets ther $500 bet we each have riding on it, but bragging rights for eternity (or until one of us does something else to our car!)


Not to worry, we will video the entire race and do pre-race interviews with us both. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you care to predict the outcome. This will be the ultimate grudge match, and a race worth watching! Stay tuned!

1967 Mustang



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  • Tom Binney 9 years ago

    The “camel humps” used to be called “fuelie” heads, I had them on a ’66 Chevelle convertible with a 283 and a Saginaw 4 speed that had a 3.11 first gear. With the addition of a 780 Holley carb and 2-1/4″ dual exhaust, it was one of the quickest 1/4 mile cars I ever owned. I raced ’66 Chevelle Super Sports up to 360 hp and beat them in the quarter mile every time once I replaced the crap stock shifter with a Hurst unit. The Super Sports had Muncie transmission with a 2.20 or 2.52 first gear. The Saginaw had a 2.20 SECOND gear. Even though I had a 3.08 (I didn’t know they made a 3.07!) that gave me a 9.58 ration in first gear. When they put a 4.10 rear end in the SS it was generally with the 2.20 first gear (9.02 overall) because they tried to use torque to make up for the ratio. I was always surprised that I would get a 3-5 car length hole shot on the SS until I figured out the gear ratio thing. I had an open rear end, but used air bags to preload the rear end so you couldn’t tell it was open and of course the soft Mickey Thompson tires really helped. I never lost to a Mustang until they put over 400 cubic inch motors in them. Even then they had to catch me in the 1/4 if they kept trying after the first 500 feet. The Chevelle being a convertible weighed in around 3200 lbs. so it wasn’t as light as the Mustang. Be sure you practice launching around 4,000 rpm if your torque converter will allow it. Check your launch stripes to be sure you are getting even appearing launch stripes left to right. If you don’t air bags are a good trick, higher air pressure in the left one will keep it from lifting. Adjust it up until they become uniform.I’d bet on the Impala. The 327 is a good combination quick revving / torquing motor and hold it’s own. Be sure he hasn’t added Nitrous to the Mustang, they really fly with that. Good luck and keep your foot on the floorboards until you cross the finish line!

  • Robert Mitchell 9 years ago

    So it’s December and this was posted on July 10 and you haven’t raced yet?

  • Larry Gronemeyer 9 years ago

    The Mustang is not geared to take advantage of the high revving 289. I am a Chevy fan but years ago went up against a 289 hi performance with 4:11. I had 350 300 with tarantula torker and 780 holley and hooker headers. I underestimated the mustang the first round and got it on the 2nd.

  • Alvin Keith 9 years ago

    if its spinning you aint winning

  • Anthony Vincent Piraino 9 years ago

    well if we think of it, what rear end does the mustang ahve? cuz if it is driven right with a 9 inch rear, it has a chance but id have to give it to the chevy unfortunately….

  • Robert Jones 9 years ago

    I have a 65 ss orginal 396-425 numbers matching 4-speed car I also had a 66 mustang 289 HI-PO 4 speed but I think impala should win Good luck

  • Bobby Davis 9 years ago

    If all goes well, The Chevy’s going to get him without a dought in my mind.I had a 68 Stang with pretty much the same setup back in 77.

  • Kyle Miller 9 years ago

    I think you should have kept the 2-speed transmission, but since the mustang has a rebuilt motor and bigger heads and upgraded everything he will win depending on how big the pistons are for example, that is just a major factor but there are a lot of things to help you win like put your impala on the bottle (nitrous ) that is your guarantee for winning.

  • Lance Hayworth 9 years ago

    Impala will take it by 2 1/2 car lengths. Gears and low first with the 700R4 make the difference.

  • Brad Thompson 9 years ago

    Lower gearing and overdrive in the Impalla will definitely help it out. The biggest questions are: what condition are the Mustang’s heads are in, and the duration. What are the compression numbers looking like for the Impalla. What are the stall ratings for each car?

  • Dewayne TooReal Allen 9 years ago

    the Impala will walk that mustang.

  • Micheal Hudson 9 years ago

    not neccessarely, I have 2.41 in my 79 malibu with a 327 and a th350. I can light the tires up taking off.

  • Alvin Keith 9 years ago

    the 273 gears will kill the stangs takeoff he will run 1/2 track before he gets into high so the chevy will take it.

  • Dale Franks 9 years ago

    mustang wins easy.

  • Doug Goehring 9 years ago


  • Micheal Hudson 9 years ago

    i’ve seen 2 bbl run way better than 4bbl. we need more info. but i have to go with chevy. the 200-4r trans has a 2.74 first gear. times that with the 3.73 and thats your final gear for launching. plus the 327 has longer stroke than the 289, it can build more torque.

  • Ken Ardle 9 years ago

    I’m a Chevy guy, and even had an Imp once… 66, 283, 3 on the tree… It was fun! I think the extra weight is going to kill you. You may jump him off the line, but I think he will catch you by the finish. Of course, if you get his dander up enough before the run, you may get him to to be heavy on the throttle and spin his wheels a little hard at the starting line. You could always help him out by putting a nice liberal coat of armor-all on his tires when hes not looking. 😉

  • Micheal Hudson 9 years ago

    good reaction time does help. need more info on the head work, did he have larger valves installed or are they still factory size. fords werent really known for coming alive until they hit the half mile mark for those small valve heads they used. chevy used 2.02 valve size in the 461 camel humps.

  • Fritz Snyder 9 years ago

    I’m a old hard ass ford man and I think the ford will beat him not by much but it will be a good race.

  • Micheal Hudson 9 years ago

    be nice to have more info on the 289 heads,did he have larger valves installed. cause ford wasnt know to install large valves at factory. the other brother seems to be mislead on trans, 4speed nah the 200-4r has a 2.74 first gear, 3rd gear is always 1 to 1 ratio, the so-called 4th is just a gear reduction.

  • Pete Xenopoulos Jr 9 years ago

    If your brother only has 2.73s and a 2 barrel, then I believe your Chevy will take it. Much to my dismay. I love Mustangs. Actually, I like all the old muscle cars. American muscle!!

  • Micheal Hudson 9 years ago

    The Impala, for one, the 200-4r has lower first gear for launching, The 327 has a longer stroke than the 289 so it can build more torque. I would of went with a 700 r4 for its 3.06 first gear. the 200-4r has a 2.74 first gear.

  • Darren Bobo 9 years ago

    I would hope the Impala, but it’s a lot heavier car, weight plays a huge part in a 1/4 mile. I love Impalas and hate Mustangs!

  • Lance Smeal 9 years ago

    the weight to power ratio is def. in the stangs corner… get a better light and you might hold him off for a tracks length….

  • David P. Turnbole 9 years ago

    The Impalla ini a heartbeat. I had a PT Cruiser GT and bested 5.0 litre Mustangs in the quarter mile! Box stock 302 ran 15.2. My black GT ran 14.8 at 98 mph.

  • Charles N Diane Moseley Jr. 9 years ago

    the impalla

  • Robert Ward 9 years ago


  • Thomas Rendleman 9 years ago

    The brother

  • Richard Schultz 9 years ago

    the impalla

  • Classic Nation 9 years ago

    Who do you think would win in a quarter mile drag race?

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    The side emblem on the stang might be the one used for the 6 banger.. chevy unfortunately should have it….

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    I’m for the FORD 🙂 Its lighter on it’s feet, just hope it’s not too light. That Chevy still looks HOT though!

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    The Mustang has the advantage from a purely P/W ratio standpoint. The switch away from the 2sp powerglide hurts the Chevy. The PGs are still favored by dragracers today. I believe you need to visit a scale because, I think you’ve significantly underestimated the weight of both vehicles.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    chevy all the way no doubt in my mind…

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    The ‘stang may still win, but the Impala absolutely slays it with it’s cool factor.
    The Mustang looks like a car I’d buy for the wife.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Dead heat!

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Whats the compression on the motors? I am going with the Impala, cause his knowledge is the advantage here. Where is the race gonna be?

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    the Chevy will win

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    I vote for the Chevy!
    My parents owned their first Chevy (a `37 sedan) and all were used until their last (a `96 Impala Sedan) their only brand new one. That one got 26 mpg highway. Best of luck to both of you bros.!

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    ford all the way