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I've decided to swap out my stock stamped control arms on my  65 impala SS for a set of tubular control arms, upper and lower. Besides being stronger and not flexing like the stamped units, there are a few other nice advantages.

First, the big thing for me was getting rid of the old rubber bushings that the stock arms have for the newly designed poly bushings on the new version. This, by itself should lend itself to making the car feel a lot tighter up front. The design on the new bushings is more advanced as well, with a spherical bearing that allows the right type of twist without binding.

The other huge thing is that the upper arms here is the built in caster that the deign allows. Caster is the degree of rotation forward or rearward over the ball joint mounting points. This increased caster will allow a much more stable ride, and reduce the amount of "twitchiness" that would accompany a design with less caster. There should be a more positive feel, and the 4-5 degrees is the preferred amount for a muscle car that might see periodic "spirited" driving.

With my 13" disc brakes with cross drilled and slotted rotors, my 12.7-1 Quick ratio steering gearbox, and the ADDCO sway bars front and rear, these bars should bring the handling of my impala into the 21 century. Stay tuned for the post install write-up.


2016-03-20 22.22.23