This Custom 68 Roadrunner is sure to Impress!

This red beauty is a 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner. She’s got a 440 with a Tremic 5 speed transmission. There are plenty of custom touches as well. But noting can do this car justice quite as well as seeing it and listening to it run. 1868 Plymouth Roadrunner Take a listen (and look) at this beauty up close.

This Roadrunner is such as nicely put together mild custom. Is there anything about it you would want to change?


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  • Dave Steffens 5 years ago

    Stockton Wheel can fix you up with the Rallye wheels and trim rings.

  • Ed Lucas 5 years ago

    too bad it doesn’t have a hood.

  • Marty Oakes 5 years ago

    Very nice!!

  • David P. Turnbole 5 years ago

    The only thing I would change is having it in my garage./.

  • David P. Turnbole 5 years ago

    No sound like MaxWedge.

  • Tim B Price 5 years ago


  • Raymond Rudd 5 years ago

    Love the car, I had a 68 GTX when I was 18, Hate the wheels!

  • Jim Merz 5 years ago

    not a huge fan. of larger wheels but they don’t look too bad on this car……..

  • Chris Sage 5 years ago

    Beautiful except for the ghetto wheels, tires and no hood.

  • Thomas McDonough 5 years ago

    Hood and Wheels.

  • John Bagley 5 years ago

    need some MAN tires…N/P I could do that lol.

  • Justin Bouchereau 5 years ago

    I would change color, wheels and ownership.

  • Jim Staine 5 years ago

    Just move it to my driveway, I’ll get my own hood.

  • Ray Sellars 5 years ago

    Just WOW!!!!!

  • Dale Franks 5 years ago

    Perfect , but needs hood.

  • Matt Riley 5 years ago

    Lower it in the back, the 60’s are long gone….

  • Mark Lynn 5 years ago

    I’d like to put my name on the title, but that’s it!

  • Roger Whitmore 5 years ago

    Of course it needs a hood, the wheels are over the top and need to drop the back end other than that it’s a nice car.

  • Thomas Smith 5 years ago

    the wheels

  • Jack Omelak 5 years ago

    Nothing like the sound of a cold big block mopar. Not the fastest, and a lame exhaust, but what a beauty. I remember I wanted to buy one of these but at $9,000 dollars that seemed way too steep (late 1980’s). It was even a 691/2 which had the three dueces with a special aluminum intake. Now would be worth so much more.

  • John Murphy 5 years ago


  • Charles Barton 5 years ago

    needs a hood.

  • Allstylin Higgi 5 years ago

    Put the Chry. colors on it.

  • Vicente Lebrn 5 years ago

    Sure… I would like to change ownership! Other than that, no…

  • Golub Energy 5 years ago

    I think I saw a Washington State license plate there. With all the rain they have, I think I would put a hood on the car.