The Rare and Elusive 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Fewer cars are more regarded as the best classic sports car ever made as is the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Having only been produced from 1962-1964 and numbering only 39 cars ever produced, you can imagine that the handful of these remaining cars can draw upwards of 10 million dollars when they're sold, a stark contrast from the $18,000 original asking price. One even recently set the record sales price of $35 million dollars. The GTO cars, originally designed to be race cars, are now often created from kits based on the Datsan Z cars and other similar sized sports cars.


Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

62 Ferrari 250

Ferrari 250 GTO Interior

62' Ferrari 250 GTO

This car is a kit based off a Datsan Z car, but it was built to look almost exactly like the real deal. So, what do you think about this car? Beautiful design, or over hyped?


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  • Troy 6 years ago

    Wow amazing if anybody knows any of these out there that are available please let me know.

  • BMW5377 8 years ago

    very nice

  • Arand Stephenson 9 years ago

    if its a kit car yeah I would buy it and drive it.

  • Ronald Harris 9 years ago

    I’ve seen kit cars with screen door hinges screwed into the outside of the doors so yhey would open and shut! I have rode in some fast Z cars , so whatever you decide do it right or don’t do it!

  • Quaid Roe 9 years ago

    I would buy it if I had the money.

  • Alan Rollins 9 years ago

    35 million? it will probably never be driven just pushed around with gloved hands at show’s just so the owner can say look what I got, hell if you got that kind of money then drive piss out of it , you can always fix it.

  • Kay Fry 9 years ago

    Just not impressed at all. The headlights are particularly ugly. Have seen so many new exotic & concept cars that this looks pretty silly.