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There are still some bran finds out there. I used to race Plymouths in the 60's and 70's in So. California. First a 64 Plymouth with a 426 Stage III wedge, 4 speed and 4.10 Sure-grip, then a 68 Roadrunner so I have fondness for Mopar muscle cars. Then a little over a year ago, I ran across a 69 RoadRunner hardtop that a gentleman had purchased in 1992 to restore. He got started then as so often happens, he lost interest and it sat for 21 years until I happened on it. It has 69050 original miles, all the original sheetmetal and left the factory with the 383, 727 automatic, air conditioning, power steering and power drum brakes. I'm completely rebuilding it my way into a nice touring car for my wife and I to cruise the country in. I've picked up new disc brakes (front and rear), new wiring, new A/C, fuel injection, power windows, headers, stainless steel gas tank, brake, fuel and exhaust lines, QA-1 front suspension, Borgeson quick-ratio power steering box, power windows, late model Challenger front seats and lots of miscellaneous trim pieces. I have a 440 that I rebuilt for a streetrod project that will most likely end up in it and will add a Gear Vendor's overdrive to the 727. I'm currently welding in U.S. Car Tool frame connectors, rear spring relocating kit and a mini tub kit. Once that's done, I'll mount it on my rotisserie and have it soda blasted then it's off to the painter. It left the factory copper with a beige vinyl top. I will be repainting it a shiny penny copper with a black vinyl top and matte black hood insets. I will be adding a Rielly Motorsports QuickLynx triangulated 4 link rear, a killer sound system, aftermarket cruise control and new interior. I'm lucky to have a lovely wife that supports my projects.