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Hello Boys!

Since this is my first post, I have to introduce myself. You might know me as CarGirl, but my name is Tamara. But I am a girl who loves fashion and design. And cares about her nail design and looks more than anything else :).

And not long ago, I was viewing cars as a tool to just take me from point A to point B. You might ask yourself, then  what are you doing here, writing a blog about cars and calling yourself "CarGirl"?

Ok, I got you. I agree for someone like me, the best subject Probably should be "A million ways to make your nails pretty!". But this girl feels love for cars right now, especially classic cars.

The Chrysler Conquest is one of the Classic cars that I really like. Now you might asking yourself how come? Well, I have boyfriend who talks about nothing but cars. Actually he has exactly the same one as the picture on the top! And he's already made so many custom changes to his car.

At the beginning I was just listening to him talk about his car, just to be nice. But in my mind I was saying "YEAH YEAH". But after hearing about it everyday for hours, I started to get interested too! But after hearing about it everyday for hours, I started to get interested too!

But I can't compete with him, so I need to learn everything about the Conquest, so I can tell him, hey boy,I know more than you :).

Then I asked myself who can help to make me a "CarGirl"? And I thought there are so many guys out there who can help me out! So I created this website, http://www,mycarwebsite.com and need all of you to check out my website. There we can talk about classic cars-not just the Conquest, but any and all classic cars. Tell me about what type of car you have and what you have done to restore or customize your car.

Tell me about the problems you've encountered and how you solved them. It might sound crazy, but I want to create a social network for classic car lovers! And if there is something like this out there already, then I want my "CarGirl" website be the best one!


I am looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts. Make me proud, so I can go to my boyfriend and tell him you are not the only who knows about cars!!!


By the way, the other thing that I love is watching "My friend" Joe Isuzu's commercials! check it out!

My friend Joe couldn't make me a CarGirl Maybe you can!