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Anytime I drive around in a project classic car, people love to tell you what you should do to it. "Drive it like it is!", or "That car needs a full restoration" are both common phrases. Here's a video of a '64 Galaxie 500XL that elicits those same responses everywhere the owner drives it. Take a look:


The car in this video is a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL and is an original Z code car with a 390 big block and 4 speed manual. This car, however, is running a 1963 427 "R" code 427 engine mated to a top loader 4 speed transmission. This car, like many like it, often divide people by their recommendations on what should be done to the car. It is refreshing to see an owner like this one enjoying the car as much as he is. It goes to show you that a person doesn't need a Barrett-Jackson caliber classic car to enjoy the hell out of it.