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Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs is the home of the is the second oldest auto race in the U.S, where cars of all classes race up the side of the mountain in an adrenaline-filled course with steep cliffs and hairpin turns. Making a return to the circuit is the vintage auto class, where Mustangs, Camaros, and Cudas all make their way up as fast as they can. In this video, Jess Neal and Morgan Combes are driving a 1971 Cuda as they made their way up! Check this out:

The footage is intense, and the engine noise makes me envious of the driver! I want to take my '67 Mustang up this 12.42 mile track to see if I'm able to turn in a respectable time. Apparently, Rick Murdock is the record holder in the vintage class with a time of 12:51 in his 1970 Camaro. Impressive!