After working tirelessly to get the new wiring harness ran, the truck fired right up! You'll remember in the last update that we had to fab up the firewall to accommodate the new placement of the pedals. Now, it is way more comfortable to drive. There is still quite a bit of wiring to do, but as it sits, it's a legit driver.

Nick was over so we took the truck around the neighborhood to give her a good first shakedown drive.

There was a little rubbing on the front right corner, and we saw the bottom edge of the lower ball joint was rubbing on the back of the disc brake. We took the Dremel tool to grind a bit of material away and that fixed it. Then, it was off to Eric's Automotive in Enumclaw for a tune and dyne test run!

After some preliminary runs on the dyno, a few adjustments were made for a second run:

The results are in: 329 hp at the rear and 355 ft lbs of torque! I'm very happy with the numbers. The improved performance from the tune was definitely noticeable on the drive home. I was able to cruise at 70 mph at just a bit over 2k RPMS. That overdrive 4L80E transmission was a good choice.

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