My friends, this is a Brazilian-made 1979 Dodge Dart Coupé de Luxo

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  • Mario Buzian 5 years ago

    My friends, that´s a brazilian-made 1979 Dodge Dart Coupé de Luxo.
    I am the very-pleased owner of this rare gem, this one has the 318 V8 engine coupled to a A904 TorqueFlite automatic transmission and was fully optioned when purchased new by my in-laws. It was sold to a private collection in the late Nineties and we managed to buy it back three years ago. Now it´s in our garage – FOREVER !!
    Chrysler cars are very scarce & rare here in Brazil nowadays, and this one is a survivor from less than a thousand produced for the ´79 model-year season. We strongly believe that less than two hundred are still on the road now.

  • Johnny Daniel Borrows 5 years ago

    All you saying 70 and crap, learn your cars -_- please? Lol

  • Johnny Daniel Borrows 5 years ago

    It’s a 1974 ewww! Any dart that’s not a 70-72 is just nasty lookin

  • Carl Cox 5 years ago

    1973 or 74 Dodge Dart.

  • Michael Smith 5 years ago

    69 or 70 Dart. Definitely not a 68, which had round side reflectors.

  • George Arland 5 years ago

    ’68 Dodge Dart!’68 Dodge Dart!

  • Ed Morris 5 years ago

    Dart or Swinger.

  • Michael Taylor 5 years ago

    1970 dodge dart.

  • Terry Oats 5 years ago