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It is true, there are a ton of great custom cars out there. Many are built to better than new specs, where attention is paid to all panel alignments, body gaps, and overall part fittent, while other cars are just "put together". Then, there are a few cars that are built to exacting specs, where attention to detail and precision is the baseline from which they are constructed. These cars flow, and have a certain continuity throughout the body, interior, and dressings, that show carefully chosen parts and seamless integration that add to the entire car as a whole. This is one of those cars.

Introducing a 1960 Buick Convertible built by OCD Customs in Spokane, Washington. The car will have an LT1 engine, that it borrowed from a Corvette, as well as a full air ride setup. What makes this car standout, however, is the custom work done the body. The team at OCD Customs fabricated entirely new rocker sections on the car as well as a custom built a convertible top "hard cover" using portions of an extra 60' Buick decklid. Countless other body, engine compartment, and chassis modifications adorn this car, and the final touches are currently being put on it before getting painted.

This 60' Buick Convertible by OCD Customs really is on another level. Take a look and stay tuned for more progress pictures as well as pictures of the completed car. More info and pictures can be viewed at www.ocdcustomcars.com

1960 Buick Convertible