Background: Here is the first post about my '62 Sunliner project and here is the second post in the build thread.

After finding purchasing a set of refurbished front and rear bumpers, I had to make some adjustments to the bumper supports on the front to get the new bumper to fit correctly. Since I was working by myself, I made a makeshift rig with jack stands that would allow me to position the front bumper while getting everything to line up correctly.

62 galaxie front bumper

Galaxie front bumper

I took off the gas door and pulled off the old aluminum cover revealing the original blue color. This piece will need some cleaning and polishing before I wrap it in the new aluminum trim cover.

1962 ford galaxy gas door

The original seats needed to be replaced, so I was able to locate the factory replacement seat covers and added new foam and material to the original seat frames. The frames were in rough shape so I had to sand and paint prior to adding the new material and wrapping them in the new vinyl covers.

62 Galaxie bench seat

Galaxie Seat Frames

1962 Galaxie Upholstery Work

Galaxie Upholstery

I staged up the new seats in the car with the carpet to check fitment prior to install. I've got the new matching door panels ready for install too.

Ford Galaxie Interior

1962 galaxie interior

Here's a good look at the new rear bumper with the newly polished tail light. You'll notice the rear is still missing the trunk and fender trim, which is in queue for polishing.

1962 Galaxie tail light

I was having some trouble figuring out why the speaker grill on the dash wasn't sitting flush. So - I posted over on the Galaxie Forum and they let me know I had the wrong grille, the one for a padded dash. Has anyone had success modifying the grill rather than purchasing the correct one? Will that work?

All of this polishing and assembly work was made possible by the addition of a new workbench in the garage. Having the right workspace makes all the difference!

Custom Work Bench