Living the Dream, Honoring Mom

This 1949 Chevy has been in our family since the summer of 1981, when my brother bought it in Preston, Missouri and drove it home to Connecticut. There’s quite a story that goes along with this dream ride, which you can find at the blog where I’ve been writing about the project for about six years now:

From the beginning, the entire effort to get the truck on the road again has been a tribute to the memory of our mother, the reason for which is detailed in the story. I’ve accomplished that goal, and now my sights are set on living an epic road trip dream, which Mom always wanted to do before her life was cut tragically short. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the blog, where you can see what I’m working on in an effort to make this next big dream happen. Feel free to contact me directly via email from there. Thanks!

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  • evan 3 years ago

    Sweet old truck! (Also a 5 window!)