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"My first car was dad's 1959 Biscayne, 6 cyl, three on the tree, a 2-dr at least. Saved my money, got a loan & ordered a new 66 Chevy! My dad takes me to his 'sales guy' at Paul McGlone Chevrolet, 5-mi and Grand River if you know that area of Detroit, and I preceded to order my car, I wanted a Super Sport convertible Marina blue, black top with a white bucket seat interior. I told the sales guy, "I wanted the smallest engine I could get with the Turbo-Hydramatic trans", he checked the box said nothing and of course we both knew that was the 396 ci engine. Dad said nothing, I don't know if he caught on or not.

It's another story when dad took me down to pick it up when my car came in...
I grew up right smack in the middle of the muscle car era, in Detroit, on Telegraph, on Woodward, on Eckels, on and on..."