I had quite a hard time tracking down the correct trim and molding pieces for the 1962 Galaxie project. Since the car didn't have any of the trim and molding when I purchased it, I had to use the power of the internet to locate pictures of other Galaxies to figure out what the correct trim looked like. Then, I used eBay to purchase all of the correct pieces. Lastly, I need to figure out what the correct trim and molding clips looked like so I could start to find them as well.

1962 galaxie trim install

Here's I've got all the the wheel well trim and rocker panel molding installed on the car. These pieces are pretty straight forward to install, but the side bold molding was giving me issues. Here are the clips that came on the old trim pieces.

1962 Galaxie side molding and trim clip

1962 Galaxie body molding

1962 Galaxie trim clip

I quickly determined these were not the correct clips. I suspect these are old-style clips to a 40s Ford.

1962 Galaxie narrow body molding

62 galaxy wide body molding

I found the correct clips from Dennis-Carpenter, and I'm just waiting for them to arrive so I can install the molding on the car. There are only a few other pieces of trim that need to be installed on the car to finish out the trim and molding pieces:

1962 galaxie rear quarter molding

Here is the rear quarter molding.

1962 galaxie fender trim molding

Here is the fender trim molding.

1962 Galaxie rear finish panels

And here is the rear finish panels.

I am really happy how the wheel well trim and rocker panel molding turned out. Let me know if you have any questions about how this trim goes on and I would be happy to help!

62 galaxie rear quarter panel trim

62 Galaxie stainless wheel well trim

1962 Galaxie wheel well molding and rear rocker panel trim