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If you're ever lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a classic Shelby Cobra, be sure you know how to drive a stick shift. The owner of this car made a huge mistake in letting this lady take his car for a drive; and he paid the ultimate price.

That is a tough lesson to learn. Kit car or not, it is still a cringe-worthy event when you see one of these cars mistreated so visibly. If you're going to drive a insanely powerful yet light car, you might consider taking a race car driving class first. And - unless you know the person real well and know their driving skill level -don't loan out your car.

Here's the takeaway: don't let someone drive your classic car who you just met at the bar.

Hopefully the owner of this Cobra learned his lesson!

Crashes can happen to anyone. The driver of this '65 Chevelle knew what he was doing and things still went wrong. What's the worst crash story you've ever heard involving a classic car? Let us know in the comments!