Hey guys! I've been working away on the Mustang Fastback project. If you remember, I picked up the car in April. It was a really solid project, especially for a $14,000 car. Here's a closer look at the car when it first arrived!

Once I had the chance to properly assess the project, I got to work removing every piece of the car. Everything had to come off, including all the interior, trim, suspension, steering, driveline, etc.

1967 Mustang Fastback Project
Toy mustang Fastback
Two '67 Mustangs

Step 1: Teardown

Once I got most of the interior out, it was time to star pulling off the body panels exterior trim, fenders, gas tank, etc. Everything went pretty smoothly on the Mustang Fastback project, but I was starting to get a better sense of the amount of metal replacement/repair that will be needed to get this pony back in pristine condition.

For the seats, I'm going with TMI Sport 2 Seats, wrapped in original style black upholstery with the comfortweave inserts. I even tracked down an original set of deluxe seat backs and lower seat trim, that will really set off the look of the interior of this restomod pony. Finally, a new set of the original 1965 - 1966 Shelby style Bullet mirrors will be going on this car to give it a little more sleek look compared to the boxier style '67 mirrors.

Now, the has been sent off to Eugene, Oregon to MetalWorks to be dipped in acid. This will take off absolutely everything: paint, rust, and bondo. This will be the final step needed to really assess which metal needs to be replaced or repaired. When starting a rough Mustang Fastback project, you'll definitely want to consider an acid dip vs the media blast as a great starting point for a solid foundation.

Mustang Fastback Project ready for an acid dip

Update! The car is back from the acid dipping!

Be sure to follow along with the progress on our YouTube Channel, which is getting weekly updates on all the projects that Nick and I have going in our shops!