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We all have our favorite muscle cars. Whether you're a Mopar, Ford, or Chevy guy, you're never going to concede that your favorite isn't the actual best. Back in the 1970's, the car magazine folks conducted all sorts of performance tests (albeit it, very unscientific) with cars that had been "lightly modified" by the car manufacturers hoping to score positive performance reviews. The guys over at Supreme Car Garage put together a shootout with 7 of the best muscle cars of the era, testing 0-60, braking, quarter mile times, and more. All the vehicles in this muscle car shootout are factory original and are running the original running gear. There's some serious muscle that includes a Boss Mustang 429, Chevelle LS6 454, Hurst Olds, Hemi Challenger, Buick GS455, GTO Judge, and AMX 390. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the shootout!

Overall, I'd say this was an amazingly fair test. While it is true that 3 of these cars had automatic transmissions, and the LS6 Chevelle had the 3:31 gears and not the desirable 4:10, it's still a great example of the performance these muscle cars are capable of on original equipment. The Boss Mustang 429 is an impressive car and many people will tell you that in it's stock form, it's pretty detuned. A few performance modifications to the stock Boss can generate some significant gains in horsepower and performance. But, the same thing applies to almost all of these cars. If you were to set them up with the proper tires, suspension, and apply some basic tune-ups to each engines/transmissions, every one of these muscle cars would be capable of much more performance than these test versions.