Dodge Charger RT. Perhaps the best looking one Dodge ever made.

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  • Chris 6 years ago

    This is a nice car i am looking for one but a 1970 dodge charger and I’m hoping i will find one soon and I’ll try to make it look like it was in the movie Fast and Furious. Rims need to be changes on the car good car tho.

  • Patrick London 7 years ago

    Rims are good just does’nt make the car look over stated perfection at a glance wish i owned it !

  • Cassandra Heddy 7 years ago

    mine is the same, but a ’69 on your page… not a fan of those rims

  • Evan 7 years ago

    Perfect setup! I love the look of these modern wheels and I think it doesn’t ruin the overall look of this classic Charger.