Don’t worry about me. I’ll just be here with this 1000+ hp Shelby Cobra…

1000+ HP at the rear wheels? Check. Custom carbon fiber throughout making the car tip the scale just over 2200 lbs? Check. Fun to drive? Guess.

This custom Shelby Cobra is a fine example of classic nostalgic design chalked full of modern updates. It’s part show car, part race car, and a drivers dream. I spoke with the owner who let me know he built this car by hand in his basement, including some fantastic carbon fiber work where normal Cobras sport chrome. Unlike most Cobras that you’d find at a car show, this owner actually drives the hell out of this thing.

The photos really don’t do the paint color justice, mostly because of my lack photographic know-how. If you are lucky enough to catch this car in person, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I tell you; This is one Cobra you will never forget.


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  • Matt Iunghuhn 8 years ago

    Do you know the name of color used for the stripe? If not, can you find out? Thanks.

  • Dave Gardner 8 years ago

    Enjoy the photos of Classic Nation, the Cobra looks great. Like that he built it to drive , not a trailer queen. I Am about four months away from completing a 69 Mustang convertible H code with a lot of upgrades and hp. It will not be a trailer queen. Keep up the great photos.

  • Anthony Williams 8 years ago

    Just want to say; These cars are very nice and the Cobra is awesome.
    I wish that I could see it in person I love the work you all put into restoring the cars.

  • Tom Streysman 9 years ago

    In 2003 I worked at Anthemn Motors in Phoenix. I built (assembled w/addendums) The Backdraft and a few Factory Five kits.. The sweetest one was for a guy named Jason Beck… 427 small block Roush motor //Electronic multi-point injection with a six speed Tremic and centerforce type clutch…. weighed in at 2190 dry….The car was a rocket! and painted to look like an american flag! So all the engine dress was red white and blue and with steel braids and A/N fittings , she looked well dressed // Dyno after hard break-in this set up yeilded 921 hp @ 7124 rpm /// PTW ratio of a cup car! Had some clutch troubles and ran hot (Phoenix) If it was perfect it would be boring! Those were the days!

  • Doug Stewart 9 years ago

    I like for Corvette 59 .

  • Naturescape Landscape 9 years ago

    The orange car looks like a 1939 Chrysler Airstream. The Cobra is pretty but the carbon fiber really takes away from the nostalgia of the car, but I’m more into Cobras for what they are not what anyone makes of them,.

  • Bear Marsh 9 years ago

    I like! But would rather have a 1000+ Corvette.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    on the car w/ the lowerd front end i thank it mybe one of those divco w/ford ligths and a 50s ford top or ?………………Comment

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    smileyI love  classic cars!!!   nothing even comes close to the older cars