Custom Orange 1963 Impala SS with heavy modifications

One of my favorite cars at the Goodguys car show in Columbus earlier this summer was Jack Matia’s custom 1963 Impala SS. This car is a true eye-catcher because of the striking roof – obviously not the stock one for the car. Its from a 1960 Plymouth!

1963 Impala

The attention to detail on this car is evident for many of the little custom modifications, including the custom grille.

63 impala

custom 1963 chevrolet impala

The interior of this car was tastefully done with the different colors that complimented the exterior perfectly.

impala interior

I later found out that this car happened to be the cover car for an issue of Custom Rodder! So, what you you like most about this car?

If you’re looking to start a project of your own, be sure to check out the classified section for classic cars for sale.


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  • Greg Birky 2 years ago

    Sweet!!! The Mopar roof looks like it came from the factory that way. I love everything about this custom!!! The builder’s skills are nothing short of awesome!!!

  • Merle Toews 5 years ago

    I don’t think the roofline goes with the rest of the lines of the car but it is a well done custom conversion. Great workmanship and I like the grille.

  • Merle Toews 5 years ago

    I don’t think the roof lines go with the rest of the car but it is a well done custom conversion and the workmanship is very good. I really like the grille.

  • Jon Grant 5 years ago

    Found the dash out at Olson Auto on Radar Hill.

  • Conrad Rupert 5 years ago

    So-o-o, did you jack this guy’s dash ?

  • Jon Grant 5 years ago

    How is life in Missoula….grew up in the Flathead lake area?

  • Jon Grant 5 years ago

    I own a 57 chevrolet 2dr Delray that I am putting a 63 impala dash and interior in. Anyone can restore a car…takes a real man to cut one up.

  • Jon Grant 5 years ago

    Just because it is not your style does not negate the craftsmanship. Being the proud owner of a handcrafted 72 chevrolet extended cab with 4doors I can appreciate what it takes to pull this kind of a build off. This car is sweet.

  • Tom Ness 5 years ago

    you people and everything has to be original. cheeeeeez

  • Tom Ness 5 years ago

    you got it alan. the real freak is one that has no imagination.

  • Alan Rollins 5 years ago

    See Above

  • Richard Evers 5 years ago

    To each his own. I like it 🙂

  • Jason Seibel 5 years ago

    I love this car, one of my favorites “Takes a man to cut one up”

  • Pete Conomos 5 years ago

    They distroyed the car.

  • Alan Rollins 5 years ago

    This car is just plain BITCHIN, the craftmanship is second to none, the Plymouth top was well done, and the other ‘mod’s’ really set this car apart from the rest, Job Well Done.

  • Alan Rollins 5 years ago

    See comment above

  • Alan Rollins 5 years ago

    So sorry you don’t like this Excellent example of a ‘custom’ car,you must be one of those “numbers correct full factory restoration”type and that’s OK,me I just like cars,stock,hot rod,custom,rat rod,whatever cause I’m a “Die-Hard Gearhead” have a nice day Lewis and Merry Christmas,just a guess but I bet you drive a ‘stock’ Chevy PU truck

  • James Asbury 5 years ago

    Anyone can own a 63, but this is something else. This is a builders car. Awesome look.

  • James Asbury 5 years ago

    Killer craftsman ship.

  • Dick Ruth 5 years ago

    She’s real fine my 409. I purchased a new 63 Impala with the 340 hp 409. Fun!

  • James Edwards 5 years ago


  • Paul Buhl 5 years ago

    wow U are right it look great with 60 plymouth roof.. cool ride

  • Tommy Tedder 5 years ago

    Someone really screwed up a nice ride.

  • Tom Ness 5 years ago

    I want one with a 409.

  • Clarke Brotherson 5 years ago

    wow! looks like it should have been built this way in ’63.

  • Edward Skaggs 5 years ago

    This guy took a roof from a ’60 Plymouth and put it on a ’63 Impala? Brilliant!

  • Evan Ernst 5 years ago

    Classic Nation Keep up the great photos!

  • Lewis Frey 5 years ago

    I totally disagree, you’ve taken a classic and turned into a freak~!

  • Brandon Abney 5 years ago

    i agree

  • Classic Nation 5 years ago

    Such a great example of a custom 63′ Impala. It looks great with the 1960′ Plymouth roof.

  • Robert Snow 5 years ago