1971 Hemi Cuda with a 440 6 pack

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  • Ike Slack 7 years ago

    To add to this 1972 had round tail lights with the inner light housing the back-up light. Also the 440 Six pack and 426 Hemi was discontinued after 1971, they still offered the 440 single Thermoquad carb in 1972 but after that they offered 3 engine options 360 2 and four barrel 340 4 barrel, 318 2 barrel and last but least 1 barrel slant 6. If only they would bring it back the the Cuda the way they did with the Dodge Challenger.

  • Ike Slack 7 years ago

    The Model above is a 1971 with a 440 6pack the 1972 had a grill with a center taper and the front valance they removed the stamped marker lights and itigrated them into the lower grill section below the bumper.

  • Ronald Philpott 7 years ago

    No doubt I would say its a 72 look at the grill and placement of the headlights

  • Jeff Sicklesteel 7 years ago

    71 only, 4 headlights.Turn signals lower valance. Multi rib vertical grill. Tail lights, 71 only. Higher hp engines over 72. Side markers changed from 71-72. Compression lower in 72 resulting in HP. No more big block option in 72……..

  • Tom Kuegler 7 years ago

    71 Hemi Cuda

  • John Cozzi 7 years ago

    Love you guys. I always learn on Classic Nation. Oh did I say I love late model Cuda’s too.

  • Kevin Ratliff 7 years ago

    the 71 Cuda’s are my favorite year.but I pretty much like all the old Mopar cars…lol.

  • Kevin Harris 7 years ago

    71 — 2 things give it away dual head lights and the fender vents /// the only year the vents came on the fenders.

  • Kevin Ratliff 7 years ago

    as far as I know the 72 Cuda’s have a different grill?

  • Robert E. Maguire 7 years ago

    440 6 pak available in 72.

  • Jimmy Tilley 7 years ago

    Only 71 had 4 headlights and fender gills and reverse light was seperate from brake light assembly

  • Keith Raines 7 years ago

    sweet ass car.

  • Naturescape Landscape 7 years ago

    ’71. That’s the only year of dual headlights on a Cuda to my knowledge….

  • Rick DeMott 7 years ago

    71. The 72 has bigger marker lights that stick out beyond the fender instead of tucked in like these are.

  • Scott Farmer 7 years ago

    That’s a 71 and it rocks!

  • Russell Cari Cruzan 7 years ago

    Looks like a 72.

  • John Bell 7 years ago

    Not sure whether it’s ’71 or ’72, but it’s definitely a ‘Cuda.