’53 and ’54 Studes

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  • Joel Fynquist 9 years ago

    Herb Price would love these!

  • Wayne Bowyer 9 years ago

    They were ahead of their time

  • Steve Montroy 9 years ago

    Wow they really are modern looking, Real nice!

  • Gerald Alspaugh 9 years ago

    In 1957, I had a 1955 Commander.

  • Jerry Branham 9 years ago

    Love them both,Had one like the white one.Had hawk fins and a t-bird scoop.Wish I still had it.

  • Jaime Cardillo 9 years ago

    Ernest, I agree. I own an Avanti and a Golden Hawk. They are nice cars. The 56 Hawks were based off of this model. If you note, one of these cars is pillared and the other is not. Golden Hawks were not pillared.

  • Charles Bevelhymer 9 years ago

    They were real beauties.

  • Ernest D. Houle 9 years ago

    The Avanti, Silver and Golden Hawk were nice also.

  • Jordan Stoltz 9 years ago

    my dad and I have one. its flat black with a corvette LT1 in it. blacked out trim, billet rims, and it has slightly slanted back headlights. its one of my favorite cars ever made.

  • David P. Turnbole 9 years ago

    That front wheel on the red one looks like it needs some camber adjustment. Beautiful cars!

  • Jeanette Drees 9 years ago

    lOVE IT

  • B.j. Ashlock 9 years ago

    My ’53 and ’54 I built for Wally M.