Iconic Mustang in an iconic color combo

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  • Tammalee King-palmer 9 years ago

    I saw my first Mustang when my dad picked up ours. He ordered it in 1965 just the way he wanted it. Ours is a 1966 model coup. in ivy green with the Poney interior. Mom said we couldn’t afford it, so it was no surprise when they repoed it. But dad took out a interest only loan and brought it back home. That first year he let my brother take it out on his senior prom and he got lost in the fog and drove it into Newport Back Bay. I remember the water pouring out the closed doors when we pulled it out. I ended up refiing that loan and I paid it off so Really I bought it. He taught me how to drive it when I was 13 andd gave it to me when I was 15. Were still together on the road every day too!

  • David Gardner 9 years ago

    The first Mustang I saw, was my Dad’s 1966 convertible in December on 1965, he ordered it from Phill Long Ford Colo. Srings, Colo. with arm rest and ash tray in the back console, 289 -C-4, Baby Blue with white top pony interior, and a Horsey Horn.