’47 Merc with a LONG snout

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  • Larry 5 years ago

    This car is a 1947 Mercury. It is my car and it is for sale. There is over $100,000 in the build on this totally custom professionally built beauitful Coupe. Every thing done right and nothing spared. I would trade for an equally value 55-57 Nomad or 58-60 Impala or cash.$58,500 Larry 209-823-1912 or e-mail me at larry_harris@hotmail.com Thank you!

    • Evan Larry 5 years ago

      It is a beautiful car, Larry. Feel free to post it up for sale on the for sale board.

  • Butch William Bova 8 years ago

    I would say it’s a 47 Mercury coupe, maybe a 48……47 or 48 whatever it is..nice custom.

  • Bobby Eidem 8 years ago

    1946 mercury…love it!

  • Doug Stewart 8 years ago

    Cool !!!!