Ketchup and mustard MOPARS!

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  • Alan Rollins 8 years ago

    The GTX was Plymouth not Dodge, Coronet, Rt were Dodge, I think this is a 68, ‘Cuda’ appears to be a 73

  • Butch Wachtor 8 years ago

    Dead heat, That works for me!

  • Scott Wulff 8 years ago

    M.O.P.A.R. = Move Over People Are Racing!

  • John Bagley 8 years ago

    is it a RT,GTX,or Coronet? love them…but it may have a hemi…watch out lol

  • Mary Ann Thomson 8 years ago

    yellow one!

  • Kenneth Paul 8 years ago

    Your guess is as good as mine. They are both badass Mopars.

  • Wesley Beckham 8 years ago

    they are both mopars

  • Sandy Bostelman 8 years ago

    the cuda

  • Tommy Tedder 8 years ago

    I’d say the dodge wins.

  • Steve Tarr 8 years ago

    red one is a 67 Coronet….I’d say.

  • Loyd Eddie Phillips 8 years ago

    Belvider or polaras is what the red one is belibe ot to early to b a gtx

  • Steve Moody 8 years ago

    It would depend on the engine and drive train. But my dream car would be a 1970 Hemi-Cuda.

  • Carl Bickford 8 years ago

    Carl”s Auto Body & Paint….The E Body cuda wins.

  • Lance Smeal 8 years ago

    all depends on drivetrain and driver and how well they hook up , and and and and… both are sweet cars..

  • Colton Cullison 8 years ago

    the yellow one wins.

  • Steve Tarr 8 years ago

    The red b-Body…dodge.

  • Charlie Hill 8 years ago

    cuda and gtx?mopar

  • Doug Stewart 8 years ago

    So hope yellow win !

  • Lee Simpson 8 years ago

    red is a faster color…….

  • Michael Thurman 8 years ago

    not sure….but I lean towards the cuda just because its a lighter car.

  • Mike Baughn 8 years ago

    The Red One” 🙂

  • Arthur Xymitidis 8 years ago

    Both awesome machines, but canary wins.

  • Eric B Forseth 8 years ago

    Mopar wins, every time!

  • Terry Beebe 8 years ago

    red dodge wins.

  • William Rohan 8 years ago

    yellow wins

  • Freddy Allen 8 years ago

    don’t know but I bet it was Close!

  • Bo King 8 years ago

    Nice cars

  • Dennis Bland 8 years ago

    dodge wins! lol