Rare 1966 Ford Galaxie R-Code Fastback.

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  • Leslie J Cole 8 years ago

    defiantly a 66 Galaxie my Dad had one just like it when I was a kid.

  • Don Wirth 8 years ago

    I had one of these with a 289 Cruisamatic. It was Desert Biege and a terrific car. Wish I had it now. Wish I had my ’50 Merc Coupe back too. It was my first car back in ’56.

  • Mike Itzenhuiser 8 years ago

    Nope. 66″ Galaxie R code fastback.

  • Vickkie Verdin Miller 8 years ago

    I still like the color. LOL

  • Terri New 8 years ago

    66 fairlane

  • Mike Itzenhuiser 8 years ago

    Not a 67′ Fairlane. It’s a 66′ Galaxie R code fastback. I’ve owned them both.

  • Mark Moisley 8 years ago

    Hey Mike Merry Steward had one like this. I think it was dark blue!

  • Mike Itzenhuiser 8 years ago

    1966′ Ford Galaxie R code Fastback.

  • Denise Glass 8 years ago

    I would SOOO love to find & build one! This car brings back fond memories of good times with my mother!

  • Michael Bennett 8 years ago

    She is a 66 Ford Galaxy 500. Nice car. My brother has one with the same color and a 428 with a 4 speed. Has a Super Cobra Jet 428 in it now.

  • Vickkie Verdin Miller 8 years ago

    And the fact that it is my favorite color is an added bonus. LOL

  • Lewis Frey 8 years ago

    67 Fairlane~!

  • Vickkie Verdin Miller 8 years ago

    Very Nice!