Back when Chargers were cool…

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  • Robert D. Reynolds 7 years ago

    These were made for lovers.

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    ck out the Early Barracuda’s and Trino’s

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    full length console,you have no idea,hehe

  • Robert D. Reynolds 7 years ago

    What was real nice about these cars were the 4 bucket seats and the fact that the back ones folded down. Blankets pillows and fun looking at the stars.. Great cars

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    not a 300m sport lol

  • Steve Montroy 7 years ago

    I remember when these first came out, I thought they were awesome looking then and I still do.

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    after the 66-67 charger…roadrunner…but dont forget the 1st Barracuda…it was a fastback as well…

  • Michael West 7 years ago

    See the picture? A REAL Charger doesn’t have back doors (and yes, I’m talkin’ ’bout cop cars)…

  • Diego Blanco 7 years ago

    The new ones are douche bag cars. Makes me think they’re cops so I HAVE to slow down…

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    new charger are not charger’s…300m with a sport package.

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    could of had a HEMI…lol

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    I owned one of these in the military…1966 with a 340 6/pac…give my everything fastback…always the best looking mustangs and torino’s.

  • Michael West 7 years ago

    These are my favorite Chargers. In ’69 I like the Super Bee better than the Charger.

  • Kevin Farge 7 years ago

    beats the hell out of the new ones.

  • Tony Scanga 7 years ago

    first year charger! awesome and mean mopar baby!

  • J'Michael Culverhouse 7 years ago

    that has to be a whole loot better than the newer chargers.

  • John Bricker 7 years ago

    reminds me of the one my mom had it was blue with a built 383 the guy she got it from use to race it at bunker hill in peru indiana.

  • Bill Atkeison 7 years ago

    I don’t ‘specially like the fastbacks…

  • Eric W. Heauser 7 years ago

    Better than the current !!!