Beautiful ’66 Charger

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  • Robert Curtis Homnick 7 years ago

    Full length console too. I had a silver 66 charger.

  • Brent Smith 7 years ago

    There’s one of these on my oil route! It has a 440 in it and its in a show room. I have to drool over it every time I see it.

  • Gary Tate 7 years ago

    Wished I had my 66 4 speed – 4 bucket seats back it was a cool car..

  • Gary Tate 7 years ago

    Had a 66 and I wished I had it back..

  • James Clements 7 years ago

    4 bucket seat interiors were cool, too.

  • Shawn Adkison 7 years ago

    WISHED I still had my 67 charger 🙁

  • Jim Singleton 7 years ago

    While I really like the later Chargers, this one has always been my favorite!

  • Jeffrey Woods 7 years ago


  • David Olsavsky 7 years ago