Must be the parking lot of a Camaro lover

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  • Tammy Nesser 5 years ago

    Oh my…how did I miss that? Definitely drooling.

  • Joel Fynquist 5 years ago

    69 Camaro hoarding. Cool!

  • Lisa Perry 5 years ago

    ’69…all the way baby!!

  • Jack Gaul 5 years ago

    shoot I want one of those.

  • Shawn Thomas 5 years ago

    it looks like a fleet photo from 69

  • Lemuel Bruner 5 years ago

    Camaro Heaven

  • Ron Stockley 5 years ago

    The 69 Camaro is the best looking one in my opinion.

  • Shane DeGroat 5 years ago

    All them ‘Maros!

  • John Barrett Thill 5 years ago

    looks like the back lot at the ford dealer, people was going crazy to get the new stang.

  • Roy Kronenberg 5 years ago

    Looks like an old dealer photo, all have window stickers and the center caps are not installed yet.

  • Jenn Callery-Unger 5 years ago

    Mommy likey…can I have one?

  • Tracy Hefley 5 years ago

    To bad 69 was when GM made the camaro F’N UGLY…

  • Scott Pope 5 years ago

    Looks like a auction cause theirs other classics in back or a junkyard from my dreams

  • Joe Barr 5 years ago

    Canonsburg, PA… These would eventually be striped and converted to Yenko/SC’s.

  • Mark Gibson 5 years ago

    Not since droolin’ over them in the lots back in ’69!

  • Jon Combs 5 years ago

    For my friend Tammy Nesser…drool on!

  • Tracy DeGraffenreid 5 years ago

    Awesome where is this at?American Beauty at its finest.

  • Crista Dawson 5 years ago


  • Russell Dayton 5 years ago

    favorite car camaro awesome picture.