Vintage cars on a race track. Can I drive one?

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  • Michelle Lupi Mink 9 years ago

    Drove an 82 green olds in high school (my parents’ car)

  • John Hribar 9 years ago

    Prob the Oldsmobile or Camaro.

  • J.j. Brooks 9 years ago

    The Dart, the Olds, and the Duster.

  • Tim Cruthers 9 years ago

    I like the one that’s in last place…Olds are beautiful.

  • Donna-danny Vibbert 9 years ago

    52 just because its the oldest and a tru clasice.

  • Mark A Loader 9 years ago

    nope duster my bad! lol

  • Mark A Loader 9 years ago

    cuda is green

  • Matt Jones 9 years ago

    Love it not just one but two 1971 Dodge Demons out front…My first car…and totally not Dusters!

  • Thomas Monaco 9 years ago


  • Susie Kaple 9 years ago

    The olds

  • Will Scroggin 9 years ago

    Bill Wilson, Me thinks that thar be a 55 or 56 Chev..

  • Ken Hendrickson 9 years ago

    It’s a Nova in the lead, amateurs. No Cuda. Think it’s a 70 or 71.

  • Larry Johnson 9 years ago

    52 Chevrolet

  • Bill Wilson 9 years ago


  • Bill Holland 9 years ago

    The green car.

  • Bill Wilson 9 years ago

    Where’s the Cuda?

  • Bill Wilson 9 years ago


  • Joe Kyte 9 years ago

    Cutlass by a landslide. Ooops! might slip on the Mudstain… Good God that iS a ’77 Volare, with fine Corinthian leather!

  • Nicholas John Rizzo 9 years ago

    Oldsmobile… By a long shot.

  • Kevin Woodall 9 years ago

    Mud stain; love that comment.

  • Bill Wilson 9 years ago

    I’d have to go with the green Duster. Still looking for the Cuda? I see a Dart, Duster, ’53 Chevy, Volare, Mudstain, Camaro, 442.

  • Debbie Sanville 9 years ago

    olds cutlass

  • Troy Premus 9 years ago


  • David Pryor 9 years ago

    your is hard not to like them all.but the duster and olds are for me.

  • James Bushelman 9 years ago

    mopar I would have to say.

  • David Olsavsky 9 years ago

    is that a volare in 4th place?

  • Terry Graham 9 years ago

    Where’s the Z28? All I see is a Duster, Cuda 53 Chev, Volare, Mustang Unknown type of Camaro and olds.

  • Bill Rioux 9 years ago

    mopar all the way.

  • Don Loughridge 9 years ago

    Z/28 handles best!