Pretty cool shot of this ’68 Shelby Mustang Fastback

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  • Andy Smith 8 years ago


  • Gary Sims 8 years ago

    looks like a ’68 fastback, possibly a Shelby but not a 428, and the driving lites in grill are wrong for the year.

  • Micheal Hudson 8 years ago

    69 boss, 429 under hood. ford owners say the grill with fog lights suspose to be a camero being eaten up.

  • Ken Steele 8 years ago

    small pic but looks like 68 shelby

  • Joseph Jordan 8 years ago


  • Joseph Jordan 8 years ago

    Fastback shelby clone

  • Tye Campbell 8 years ago


  • Classic Nation 8 years ago

    Shelby, or just a fastback?