should be a 63 Ford Falcon with a 260 v8

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  • Harrison Fenton 9 years ago

    1963 ford falcon.

  • Ralph Waldo 9 years ago

    Gotta LOVE those Cragars. Got my first set a few years ago. Beautiful Car

  • Dan Baker 9 years ago

    In 1972 I bought a 62 Falcon in great condition for only $80. It was a “three on the tree” with a small six. 170 ci’s I believe.

  • Crystal Miller Caldwell 9 years ago

    I have a junkyard of Falcons. 1966-1969. Needing to sell as whole or part out.

  • Sage Allen Strickland 9 years ago

    had one in a convertable had a 200 6 cylinder bucket seats and 4 in the floor a frind of mine has one like that with a 6 cylinder

  • Steve Baker 9 years ago

    Should be a 63 falcon with a 260 v8

  • Keith Driver 9 years ago


  • Daniel Crawford 9 years ago


  • Dan Baker 9 years ago

    What year?

  • Brian K. Wright 9 years ago

    Robert Longfellow