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  • Scott Myers 9 years ago

    My first car was a 1970 and a half Ford Falcon…looks like it.

  • Jack F Watson 9 years ago

    Kevin it is a 1970 Torino. )

  • Kevin Dzurick 9 years ago

    Is this a Mustang? Doesnt look like one

  • Kevin Dzurick 9 years ago

    Its a @[100000058003165:2048:Ford] I know that, I know Ford had a Mustang Twister special, but dont know what kind of car this is other then a Ford

  • Jack F Watson 9 years ago

    I returned from Vietnam in early 1969 and couldn’t wait for that to come to showroom floors, I bought mine in November. Mine was the orange color and it was called the Twister Special. They only made 90 of those and man oh man I wish I still had that car. 🙁

  • Ford: 1970 429 Torino Cobra GT 9 years ago

    Thank you, about 6 years now Evan.

  • Evan Ernst 9 years ago

    Sweet ride. How long have you had it?