’67, ’68, or ’69 Rambler?

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  • Jeff Kemper 7 years ago

    that’s my car can I get it back pleas.

  • Vernon Patrick 7 years ago

    68 ramler,amc

  • Jeff Davis 7 years ago

    67 Rambler Rouge 343 c.i.

  • Aron S. Thomas 7 years ago

    I always liked the Rambler Machine. AMC was a great American company.

  • Brian Tucker 7 years ago

    Rrrrrrrrrrr Ramble American.. Bam

  • Jeff Carpenter 7 years ago


  • Harold Beach 7 years ago

    The ’69 Hurst SC/Rambler with 390 was no slouch. I found out the hard way in my GTO.

  • Miq Lion 7 years ago

    Definitely American cuz it says so right on the fender… actually the first stick 3 on the tree was an American and these babies were bad to the bone when Beefed up!! Hudson/Nash/Rambler/AMC… poof GONE!!!

  • Dan Reimer 7 years ago

    looks like a slowpar

  • Michael Montoya 7 years ago

    1969 Rambler American

  • Classic Nation 7 years ago

    What is this car?