This could be cool…

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  • Randy Morin 9 years ago

    I used to own a 1938 Chevy that was similar made like this car so I’m going to guess that it is a 1936 or 1937 Chevy 4 door sedan. Mine was in better shape of course. I bought it for 40 bucks in 1960 and sold it for the same amount of cash!

  • Michael Gaglione 9 years ago

    it ill run with a tune up and some frash gas

  • Gerardo Quintanilla Cantu 9 years ago

    …nice antique model, it need a hand ;)…

  • Freddie Moreno 9 years ago

    i could turn that into a prize winner in my garage with my familys bare hands is it for sale just what im lookin for

  • Matt Mccoy 9 years ago

    just gettin started

  • Daniel Foster 9 years ago


  • Richard Schultz 9 years ago

    not at all

  • Christines Norman 9 years ago

    nice ride

  • Jeff Davis 9 years ago

    Hell no,chop it and turn it into a street rod.

  • Jonathon Clark 9 years ago

    I say it will already run just throw a battery in it and some gas and see if it will start.

  • Chad Thayer 9 years ago


  • Don Loughridge 9 years ago

    Give it to Chip Foose, He’l make something out of it.

  • Classic Nation 9 years ago

    Is this old boy too far gone?