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There is a moment in everyone’s life when you actually have to prove just how much you think you worth and to see whether those expectations will match with what you are capable of doing on the pitch, the tarmac track, the battle ground…wherever best suits the purpose. And when it comes down to street racers, things are pretty much loud and clear – an illegal street race and a huge bet is what separates the real thing from the fake.

What we have here is one hell of an attractive street race that will give you just the right doze of an adrenalin rush to get you going. We have the professional driver, Shaun “SS Shaun” Hewitt, with his Chevelle, with a custom built LSX with D1 ProCharger under the hood, who has been challenged by an ambitious newcomer, with his great looking, Procharged built Chevy Camaro, with Nitrous and Meth injection. The bet is $500 each, so the winner goes home with $1 000, and of course a big smile on his face.

I’m not going to tell you directly what was the final outcome of this street challenge, but I guess one of these two will be more careful the next time he will decide to challenge another pro-driver. Check out the video!


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