Barn Find: 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window [Spokane, WA]

Kind of. More like “field find”. A fellow Classic Nation member Bob tipped us off to this rough-but-intact 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window that is sitting and apparently abandoned (just from the looks of it). There is no indication if this diamond in the rough is for sale or if the owner has plans for it (just like these barn finds).

Corvette Split window barn find

Don’t you wish you could stumble onto something like this and trailer it home? Thanks for pointing this one out Bob. Feel free to let us know more details about it over at our classic car blog.

corvette barn find


We were able to dig up some more details about this really cool Vette. It’s a 63′ fuelie with 360 HP, 11:25:1 compression, matching numbers car! Its also high tach, rock crusher, 4:56 differential. It’s all intact!

Wow. This is exactly the kind of treasure that every car guy dreams about finding.

Oh yeah; did I mention that this car has been sitting in this exact same spot untouched? since 1975?


Last week, Nick and I confirmed the Vette was no longer sitting in the spot that it always had been. Someone posted on the old blog that they thought they had seen it on a trailer heading out of town. I thought we would never hear about this beauty any longer.

Then I got an email in my inbox.

“Someone had to save it.  It’s safely indoors and will be restored.  I’ll try to keep you up to date as it progresses”

barn find corvette

Jim, wherever you are, we salute you. And we are all dying to know – how were you able to make this happen? And, what are your plans for it? I would love to see some more pictures of this project with so much potential!


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  • Edward Eik 3 months ago

    I use to live 3 blocks from that car, delivered newspapers in that area in the 1965 and it was sitting there then. i am 67 years young now.

  • Mike Gray 11 months ago

    Great find

  • Bill 1 year ago

    I know this car; the owner lived in clarkston wa a couple of blocks from me, car was immaculate back then, guy always left his gloves on top of steering wheel, I stumbled on it in the early 70,si south hill of Spokane, stopped several times to inquire, never could get ahold of anyone, then one day I drove up and around the corner was a dark haired lady, was standing outside, and I remembered her driving this car, it was her, I always had wrong house, anyway I offered a certain amount, and the lady said they were offered a lot more, certainty a story here, something weird happened with this family to leave it sit like that, a shame

  • Gary 2 years ago

    This 63 looks a lot like the one I purchased last year, I was told that it had been sitting for 31 years and my the number of rats nests I removed I believe. It has the 3rd brake light but mine is not a fuelie it’s a 327 340hp car, numbers matching

  • Bryce Kelly 2 years ago

    The guy that lived across the street from me on S Fiske St said he might know where some of the badging is. Tom Costello is his name if I recall.

  • Robert Benson 2 years ago

    I presume it was/a 427cid @360bhp because of the factory side pipes.

    63′ Split window. What a find/score…

  • David 2 years ago

    I also took pictures of this about 12 or 15 years ago and they published it in Car Craft. It was right off Ray as you start up the hill on 9th or 10th. You turn in a block and a road naturally turns into dirt and heads a little bit South and it sat right there. I would love to know what happened to this thing because it was such a curiosity. I knocked at this guy’s house and the only thing in there was a giant pitbull and he didn’t look very friendly. No one answered. I heard the Spokane Corvettes Club I knew all about this car for years and could never get a handle on it. I’m glad somebody found it, I even daydreamed about going over there when I knew no one was there and using a sling and lift it out of there onto a flatbed in about 10 minutes and hit the road with a tarp over it. Glad I didn’t, would have been totaled GTA sentence

  • Bill C 3 years ago

    I sold this car in 1972 for $1300.00 I put the third tail light in

    • Evan Bill C 3 years ago

      Do you have any information on who the new owner is, when it apparently sold in 2013-2014?

  • Evan 3 years ago

    Does anyone have an update on this Vette? I’d love to know!

  • Jim Kinkland 6 years ago

    I feel your pain. The County condemned our home and the cops confiscated my 60 Ford pickup and 66 Falcon Futura. Now I gotta save a Mustang and an Ambassador wagon I`ve got stashed out in the sticks.

    • Evan Jim Kinkland 6 years ago

      What year Mustang?

  • Rod Dahlgren 7 years ago

    I have seen these pictures in a few publications over past years. Most ot the comments were that many had tried to buy the car, no one was successful. Now I see that somone got lucky. Good for them. I suppose that I must ad, all you that drove past for years, why did none of you try to buy the car?
    Now my story, last year I DID buy a 1959 Corvette F.I. car that was parked in a field with horses and a mule. It took me two years, but i did not give up. The car is in restoration now. NO it is NOT for sale. I is going to a large collection that includes each series of Corvette and many other cars and unique vehicles.

    • Lee Young Rod Dahlgren 1 year ago

      I live about 1 mile from where this car sat for years. My dad and I stopped in there one afternoon after dad spotted the car. There it sat in weeds taller then the car. At one time someone cut a square patch out of the top of the fiberglass passenger side front fender. Other then the hole in the fender it was all there. We knocked on the door and an older gentlemen answered the door. I asked him about the Corvette and if it was for sale. The man that lived there said it was not for sale that the car belonged to his son. He said that he parked the car there before going to Vietnam. After that for the next ten years or so I watched as the car sat there as parts on the car disappeared. I was told the gypsy’s had the car not sure where it is now.

  • Ernie Speit 7 years ago

    I know it sucks to leave a corvette out like this. I’m also guilty, mine is not a 63, but I still fell bad. I always wanted a corvette. After restoreing I lost my house, and garage. My vette has been sitting out in the snow, rain,sun , now for about Seven years. Every time I think about selling it I remember how all my life I wanted it. Some day I will have to get it out of my moms yard, by then it will need restored again. I totally understand why some people let cars sit out . maybe I should sell mine and let someone else’s dream come true.

  • Jack Ferguson 7 years ago

    My thought is that this Vette could’ve been one that a soldier had but he never returned alive from Vietnam. So, the car just sat there.

  • E Hansen 7 years ago

    I have a 33 ford in my shop that I’d like to sell. It’s in rough shape but I have all the parts. Anyone interested?

  • Geo 7 years ago

    Originally found with google earth by a random user.

    • Evan Geo 7 years ago

      Not exactly. It sat in a dude’s yard in plain sight in Spokane, so many people had always known it was there. Then – we posted some pics of it on CN, which prompted others to scope it out on Google Maps and post those pictures.

    • Anonymous Geo 5 years ago

      Wrong.. This car is in my town, and I and several friends saw the car for year. The owner must of been old because we never saw anyone around that house even though it was lived in.

      • Evan 5 years ago

        What are you talking about? This car was definitely in Spokane because I took the photos of it that you see in this post. I am not sure which town it is in now.

  • Tony 7 years ago

    Can you send me a price and pictures and a contact number please cause i am very interested in the corvette and please get back to me as soon as possible thank you tony

  • Phillip Marks 8 years ago

    that car is in spokane wa i know that car my dad had a chance to buy it for 40k

  • Patrick Hatley 8 years ago

    “wow what a find I would love to see this old vett once it is done…

  • John Wayne Tucker 8 years ago

    Midyear Vettes were all 4 lights. This was a relatively easy custom job that some people performed. Listen to Jan and Dean’s “Dead Man’s Curve.”

  • Joe Butler 8 years ago

    I know where that car was sitting…..Spokane WA… was on the south hill about a block from my cousins uncles house.

  • Woody Wood 8 years ago

    they came with 4 extras were added . easy to do very easy..

  • Mike Fries 8 years ago

    Dealers and owners were putting them on after they were sold. I had a 64 that had them on shortly after it was first sold , according to the original owner.

  • Cain Allan Hopkins 8 years ago

    no all the corvettes had them

  • John Hardy 8 years ago

    Fuel injected Fords were not made at this time, good find.

  • James Kula 8 years ago

    one of them out side of olin iowa in better shape and cal up dates that farmer will not get rid of and tree growing up out of it.

  • Stephen Wood 8 years ago

    That’s the only year for the split window coupe. Very rare.and almost priceless.

  • Jim Staine 8 years ago

    It’s a cryin shame to do this to a split window Vette.

  • Michael Warren 8 years ago

    Mud and snows on it? WTF!

  • Michael Warren 8 years ago

    I would like to see it after the restoration!

  • Gary E. Davis 8 years ago

    OH MAN, I simply can’t believe that someone would do this to a vette, let alone a fuelie!!!

  • Jeff Kent 8 years ago

    Awesome save!

  • Evan Ernst 8 years ago

    What’s the story on the 6 taillight setup? Dealer option?

  • Evan Ernst 8 years ago

    Nope, this one is in Spokane WA. Do you know of a similar car in TX?

  • Edward Skaggs 8 years ago

    This one is a 6 taillight Vette! Yes, please restore it!

  • Brian Acker 8 years ago

    Tracey, I was going to say the culprit should be kicked in the nuts!!

  • Rodney Dotson 8 years ago

    I have actually driven by and seen this car.Texas right? yea.awesome find, nobody was home when I tried to find out about it. place did look deserted.but GOOD SAVE!Keep me posted with the restomod. or restoration.or whatever you do w/ it.

  • Harry Whorley 8 years ago


  • Tracy Hefley 8 years ago

    WOW. should be a death sentence for the person that killed this 63 Vette

  • Cindy McNeil 8 years ago

    My favorite Vette!!!!

  • Juan Jose Mejia 8 years ago

    i wouldnt take a ford over a corvette, dont get me wrong, there are some nice fords . but id take the vette any day over a ford……..

  • Josue Valdez 8 years ago

    hater its a beautiful car….. but i guess, you can find plenty of fords on the side of the road………………Fix Or Repair Daily

  • Jackie Mesenbrink 8 years ago

    I’d rather find a ’63 1/2 Ford with bucket seats!

  • Classic Nation 8 years ago

    Has anyone heard an update on this 63′ Vette fuelie?

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    it still as the engine nice find : )

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Can you send me a price and picture