The Two Best Chevrolets Convertibles Ever?

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  • Matty Juno 5 years ago

    67 Chevelle “Nova” SS. It’s a rare car especially in the drop top. The other a 57 Chevy. Not much there but cool Americana!

  • Peter Redemann 5 years ago

    Ummmm..If Im not mistaken…That be 67 Chevelle…..One of my favorites next to the 69 and the 72….
    They are Beautiful Though !!! 🙂

  • David Buchanan 5 years ago

    And I wonder if that ’57 Bel Air is really a fuel injected model as the side emblem indicates.

  • Richard J. Jones 5 years ago


  • James Thompson 5 years ago

    Robert Luther You are wrong it’s a 57

  • Gordie Abougoush 5 years ago

    anyone know who owens the 57 I think it was featured in super rod 8 to ten years ago. if it has a lsi and auto it would be nice to see were it is now. thanks

  • Peter Val Preda II 5 years ago

    1967 Chevelle!

  • Ben Rice 5 years ago

    I’ll take the ’57 chev.

  • Ed Morley 5 years ago

    I will take the 67 SS 396, had one, same color red, hardtop, 4 speed Muncie, American mags, Firestone red line wide ovals…. Loved it, wish I had never sold it.

  • Colleen Stuchal 5 years ago

    If I can’t have them both, I want the one on the left.

  • Rick Patton 5 years ago

    I love em both, but as far as awesome goes, the fins, s r hard to beat…the body lines rule…

  • Charles Hand 5 years ago

    1957 chev impala conv 1966 chev chevelle conv

  • Charles Hand 5 years ago

    anyone who wouldn’t want both are crazy.

  • Michael Anthony Elsberry 5 years ago

    #2 THE 1957 CHEVY!

  • Nikki McLennan Muzny 5 years ago

    The 67 without a doubt!!

  • Moses Blajos Jr. 5 years ago

    Both ! They are both beautiful cars.

  • Jay Sawyer 5 years ago

    The 1957!

  • Aaron Aiken 5 years ago

    Going to have to go with the classic 50″s but they are both great!

  • Patrick Graham 5 years ago

    deffinately the one on the left.

  • Jesse Wolf 5 years ago

    the 57 its my birth date.

  • Victor Del Rio 5 years ago

    I’m not partial to convertibles or Chevys, but I’d go with the Chevelle in this case.

  • John Zimmer 5 years ago

    Definitely the 57 Chevy!

  • Darryl Rouse 5 years ago

    There was also a candy apple red 57 in there also.

  • George Clarke 5 years ago

    to tough to call might say the 57 1st then the Chevelle unless the Chevelle was a69 SS.

  • George Clarke 5 years ago

    The Black one was a 55 and Ron Howards was 58

  • Robert Luther 5 years ago

    i think that is a 56 chevy

  • Robert Luther 5 years ago

    and harrison ford drove it

  • Robert Luther 5 years ago

    it was black

  • Darryl Rouse 5 years ago

    The one on the right looks like the 57 chevy from American Graffitti. Like it

  • Michael Lazzaretti 5 years ago


  • Randy Monroe 5 years ago

    chevy 67 ss Chevelle cov. & 57 Chevy.

  • Mike Gayhart 5 years ago

    Like them both! BUT! Gotta stick with the Chevelle! One of my favorite models ever!

  • Christopher DuVall 5 years ago

    I’ll take the 57.

  • Al Fregapane 5 years ago

    50’s Chevy by an edge.

  • Trenton Winchell 5 years ago

    ill like both but id take the 60’s ss with out a second thought.

  • Frances Berg 5 years ago

    I love them both… 🙂

  • Bobbi Bradford 5 years ago

    i’ll take then both…..sweet

  • Classic Nation 5 years ago

    1950’s Chev. 1960’s Chev. Beautiful.