hanging out at the castle… [1971 Dodge Challenger]

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  • Morgan Winter 5 years ago

    Looks like a ’71.

  • Shayne Christopher Butler 5 years ago

    no just no

  • James Clements 5 years ago

    They started using the “frowning” grill in 72. Doesn’t look like this one has that. I think it’s a 70.

  • Thornton Cale 5 years ago

    70 Challenger

  • Daniel Rowe 5 years ago

    Dodge challenger 340

  • Terry Strait 5 years ago

    1971 challenger and from the valance angle and the the way the grill is you should be able to tell easily.

  • Noel Evans 5 years ago

    1970 Cuda?

  • Steve Montroy 5 years ago

    No Dave it’s not a a cuda DUH.

  • Rev. Pete Monk Smith 5 years ago

    Even without seeing the name, you can tell this is a Challenger. The ‘Cuda didn’t have the accent line on the sides of the bodywork.

  • Kelticirishdruid Wright 5 years ago

    71 Challenger.

  • Victor R Drury 5 years ago

    slug bug! xD

  • Scott Hughes 5 years ago

    1970 Dodge Challenger R/T.

  • Barry Martin 5 years ago

    check the side of the fender

  • David P. Turnbole 5 years ago

    It looks like Banwell Castle in the background.

  • Dawson Pancoast 5 years ago

    I think its a 71 CHALLENGER.

  • Barry Martin 5 years ago

    nope, it’s not – the name is on the side of the fender

  • Kelticirishdruid Wright 5 years ago

    absolutely wrong

  • Vincent Ray 5 years ago

    either 71 or 70 cuda.

  • Barry Martin 5 years ago

    absolutely wrong

  • Brian Harrison Burke 5 years ago

    about a 70 Dodge Challenger.

  • Mike Brobst 5 years ago

    71 Cuda

  • Bill Holland 5 years ago

    71 dodge challenger.

  • Derek Hartley 5 years ago


  • Dave Davis 5 years ago

    its a cuda not the challenger.

  • Hernan Rivera 5 years ago

    yep…you are correct ’71…grille part as you said. 70 and 72 do not have the center split on the grille as the 71.

  • Michael West 5 years ago

    Brandon’s on target. It’s a 71. The 72 grill insert was angled, not vertical. The 70 had a full opening space setback deep behind the bumper.

  • Brandon Pickrell 5 years ago

    I was just thinkin it looked more like a challenger lol coudnt see the challenger emblem good points Michael.

  • Michael West 5 years ago

    It’s a Challenger. Read the front fender. It’s a 72. The front grill is nearly vertical the 73 grill had a little trim step about 3″ above the point on the front bumper.

  • Kevin Patrick 5 years ago

    1970 Challenger

  • Paul Nimchick 5 years ago

    70 cuda

  • Brandon Pickrell 5 years ago

    and it doesn’t appear to have the 2 lights underneath the bumper whatever they were for.

  • Brandon Pickrell 5 years ago

    by what I can see of the grille it looks like a ’71.

  • Charles Hand 5 years ago

    73 cuda

  • Linda Ingold Ratliff 5 years ago

    1970 Plymouth Cuda.?

  • Larry Frazier 5 years ago

    Like It.