original looking 1970 Ford Boss Mustang [Blue]

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  • Evan 6 years ago

    Sweet looking car!

  • Kirk 6 years ago

    A friend of mine owns one with that color scheme in The Loess Hills in Iowa. I like it but my Grabber Blue one looks better to me. I’ve liked blue since I can remember.

  • Kirk 6 years ago

    It is, with the ’69 Boss stripes on it. Which one has a better engine under the hood?

  • shane 6 years ago

    69 ford mustang boss 302

  • Gerald Jerry Fick 6 years ago

    You are what you drive!Ive’ had two stangs!A 1970 landau and a 72 fastback!

  • Chris Pierson 6 years ago

    Joe you are correct. This is my car and we had it repainted the original grabber blue and the factory C stripe put on after a Marti confirmed it to be a grabber edition mustang. And the Mach 1 grill is just a look that I like for the front end, not factory correct or anything. Also have Mach 1 seats and dash. Pretty good eye

  • Raulynne Gonzalez Johnson 6 years ago


  • Greg Lakin 6 years ago

    ? I KNOW GRAY!

  • Ron Leach 6 years ago

    Silver with Black stripes.

  • Robert Lee Acree 6 years ago

    if I changed the color it would be yellow with the black because I bought one new in 1970.

  • Joanna H Rydzewski 6 years ago

    Should be a light blue with silver strips.?? Baby blue

  • Robert Gammon 6 years ago

    I’ve always wanted a Mach 1 with a Midnight black paint job with about 6 coats of clear-coat, however on coats 3 & 4 I would spray in some gold metal flake and than do all the striping just the opposite. NO chrome, ALL black powder coat.

  • David A Blackburn 6 years ago

    I loved those. Mavericks. My bus driver had one in South carolina. You are lucky and got to see some really great cars. Any Pics, like the one in traffic from back then?

  • Shawn Doyle 6 years ago

    I’ve seen Boss’s that are gloss black and the decals are white and it looks pretty bad ass so probably that

  • Rollin Huelsman 6 years ago

    candy apple green w/olive stripes…

  • Norm Gascon 6 years ago

    I Would Have It A Two Tone Green!

  • Tom Bartholomew 6 years ago

    Toured the Ford Rouge plant that year. They had a Maverick Grabber.

  • Dylan Blomquist 6 years ago

    What about a solid Midnight Blue?

  • Jacine Copley 6 years ago

    Metalic candy apple red with gloss black striping.

  • Joe Copenhaver 6 years ago

    if this car is original or was repainted like it was built, the hood stripe would have been an option and the Mach-1 grill could have been an option

  • Mike Brobst 6 years ago

    I’d leave it grabber blue. Some bigger deep dish wheels and some suspension mods would make the Mach something special.

  • Joe Copenhaver 6 years ago

    in 70 there were 2 ‘Grabber’ options. One had this C stripe while the other had a 70 Boss 302 type stripe that went up to the mirror in place of the fender and hood. . . It also had the engine size in it right below the mirror. Of course they had to be painted the new for 70 grabber colors, orange blue, yellow, green

  • Steve Moody 6 years ago

    Red or black. Definitely not that gruesome color of blue!

  • Lois Donaldson Stinnett 6 years ago

    Barrett Jackson Hot chili pepper red.

  • Stuart Els 6 years ago

    Why would you want to change the color? That car is beautiful! It’s worth more in it original color to boot.I suspect that may not be the original color, as I’m suspicious of the stripe job. You’ve got a 70 Fastback, with what looks like a 69 Boss 302 like C-Stripe. Leave it alone unless you are trying to restore it back to original.

  • Ron Smith 6 years ago


  • David A Blackburn 6 years ago

    Color code Z Some refer to it as grabber green. I like the 69 stripe better than the 70 stripe. How ever The hood being all black would be my choice with this paint scheme on the 1970 Muatsang.

  • John C Greene 6 years ago

    Metallic Green

  • Joe Copenhaver 6 years ago

    grabber blue – grabber optioned 70… kewl..

  • Barbara O'Hare 6 years ago

    Candy Apple Red