Can you tell if this ’70 Chevelle Convertible is an SS clone?

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  • Charles Pappas 7 years ago

    71 LOL.

  • Thomas Delbrugge 7 years ago

    That would be a 1970.

  • Joel Fynquist 7 years ago

    Very cool!

  • Chad Logan 7 years ago

    you can’t make this car look bad…lmao…does suck that it was not taken all the way to it’s potential…ie: FUNCTIONAL COWL INDUCTION…HOOD PINSS…STRIPES…etc.

  • Karl W Andersen 8 years ago

    Upon further consideration I will alter my previous statement to state that this might be a wannabee. Did anyone see that 68 Buick Skylark Special W/the Buick 400CI engine? It looks a little rusty but that would be a sweet ride, I had a 400CI Buick engine in my 68 Skylark. White with a black vinyl roof & plain old wheel covers. The #’s matched. I could leave a nice burnout for a block or more, didn’t compare to my 68 GTO or my 69 Firebird but could still haul ass. It had a bench seat and an automatic transmission. That was one of my favorite cars, I smashed it up less than a week after I bought it. After that accident the car would dog-track almost 2 feet, it was like driving a sail boat into a cross wind when I drove it to the junkyard. The block was cracked and the rods were knocking, it was really steaming by the time I got there and you could see a trail of smoke down HWY 45 for over a quarter mile, black and blue, like that poor Skylark was.

  • Karl W Andersen 8 years ago

    It should also be noted that both the SS396 (actual displacement was 402CI’s) and the SS454 came with hood pins as standard equipment. I highly doubt that someone removed the pins, I believe this to be an SS wannabe.

  • Karl W Andersen 8 years ago

    Well, gentlemen, upon further inspection, you will find this Chevelle has been fitted with a 396.

  • Melody Roles White 8 years ago

    My first car. 1971 Chevelle SS 396, calinduction hood, burnt orange with black stripes

  • Ed Cornell 8 years ago

    ’70(not ’71) Chevelle SS454.

  • Joyce Hebert Chiasson 8 years ago

    Does it have stripes & if so what color, I can’t tell in the picture…

  • Kevin Pryer 8 years ago


  • Micheal Hudson 8 years ago

    I had a 68 Chevelle all original 307 power glide with a/c original miles was 189,000 and it still smoked them tires with a/c on. the 307 was dealer replaced in 69 with a 300 hp 307.

  • Micheal Hudson 8 years ago

    71 chevy chevelle convertable ss 454

  • Classic Nation 8 years ago

    Chevy SS. I love it.